You can do fine without gadgets but not without a salon booking system

Written by Scott Kelley on November 22, 2017. Posted in Gadget

Everywhere you go, you see someone holding a gadget in their hands. It’s safe to say that intelligent devices have taken over our lives. We utilize technology to communicate with loved ones and friends, adjust the home temperature from the other side of town, and to get our jobs done. Speaking of jobs, it seems that nowadays hair stylists use all kinds of neat gadgets. Battery-powered brushes, wireless styling devices, and dryer stands are just a few examples. If you’re really a talented hair stylist, you can do without all this. The one thing that you can’t afford to have at your hair salon is a professional booking system. If you’re absolutely sure that you don’t need one, please continue reading.

What is a saloon booking system, anyway?

Salon booking systems aren’t difficult to understand. As the name suggests, they are systems that facilitate appointment scheduling. What you need to know is that a salon booking system isn’t an actual device. It’s a software program that you can install on your work computer or smartphone. The computerized system empowers you to schedule calendar appointments and create new ones. The reason why it was created in the first place was to make it easy for hair salon owners to keep track of bookings. A great many apps are developed for big enterprises and are thus expensive. Luckily, there are options out there for those who are at the beginning of the road or are self-employed hairdressers.

How to use a salon booking system

It’s quite easy, in fact. All you need to do is tap the calendar from the home screen of the app. You tap the + button and you’re good to go. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that you can view bookings in 3 different ways. To be more precise, you can view appointments by list, day, or month. Choose whatever works for you. Is this all you can do with hair salon software? As a matter of fact, no. A salon booking system is very intelligent, meaning that it has plenty of features. What you can do is use the search feature to find events, look through bookings by client name, send text and email confirmations, create recurring appointments, etc. To discover all the perks of using such a system, have it installed.

Should you embrace salon booking technology

Technology, in general, has had a tremendous effect on the salon industry. If hairstylists don’t use apps and software, they use all sorts of thingamajigs. What you need to understand is that there is no reason for you to fear technology. A simple thing like a booking system won’t replace you. It’s meant to help you. The best course of action is to embrace salon technology and be like other professionals. Are you afraid that you’ll spend a great deal of cash on the salon booking system? Don’t worry because it won’t drain your resources. As surprising as it may seem, intelligent technology is affordable.