Web design do’s and don’ts

Written by Scott Kelley on April 28, 2015. Posted in Gadget

Every new business owners knows how important it is to have a website where customers can read details about your products and services. The problem is that many people make the mistake of thinking that an overly-complicated and flashy website is the best way to come. As with all things, good taste is appreciated even when it comes to websites and buyers will always be more comfortable buying from a website that has a familiar structure and clear information, rather than something they cannot use properly and annoys them at every click. To this extent, the first thing anyone interested in having a good website should do is choose a well-structured web design. Speak with your web design company, browse through their portfolio and choose something that you feel not just matches your business, but your customers will have an easy time navigating. So always go for Ottawa web design solutions that combine originality with structure. Don’t fill your website with all sorts of text boxes and messages that will just confuse the visitors and determine to leave your site. When it comes to having a successful web design, sometimes less is more.

Quality content is also something that can make or break your website. No matter how well-structured your site is, if its content is filled with grammar errors and typos, it will certainly not convince visitors to go for your products or services. In addition, many website owners are tempted to place a lot of ads on their website. No matter how appealing the idea of making money from ads might be, by placing too many you will have the exact opposite effect and determine visitors to leave your page immediately. The color scheme chosen plays a role more important than many people give it credit. Nobody likes a bright color that makes your eyes hurt, so choose something simple and comforting. Also keep in mind that not all users might have HD screens, so you need to choose a color scheme that will look good on any type of screen and in various lighting situations.


Even though some people feel like they do not need to opt for responsive web design for their websites, in a world where people use a wide variety of devices to access the internet, never has a feature become more important than responsiveness. No matter what niche of customers you might target, it is always better to opt for a responsive web design than leave it for later. All that remains is to have an open line of communication with your web designer and tell him exactly what you expect from your website. This way you can discus together certain details that are important to you and he can offer you advice regarding what is popular at the moment and what can benefit you more. While there is no secret recipe for a successful web design, there are still a few things that any person should keep in mind when trying to have a great website.