Wattson – home energy monitoring

Written by Scott Kelley on December 12, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Saving energy and saving the planet is favorable for all, as well as saving money, considered now international priorities.

For this purpose was invented Wattson, which monitors energy consumption of the house, displaying real-time number what is the total consumption. 

Meanwhile, the wireless gadget will warn the colors, like blue means lower consumption and purple – normal energy consumption, red – extremely high consumption.

Wattson gives immediate feedback: start \ stop a device from the house, and instantly knows how much the device consumes.

A small device attached to the main house electric meter, and further wireless device can be placed anywhere in a radius of 30 meters. It is time to realize the ideal raw truth and take action on saving energy and money. Make sure the light is blue before bedtime!

The Wattson consists of two parts: the transmitter (which connects to meter electricity) and the wireless receiver (portable device that displays data from the transmitter in a radius of 30 meters).The transmitter is powered by four AAA batteries. These batteries must be replaced every 6 months.

It is compatible with PC and Mac. The software allows monitoring of energy consumption over time. You can connect to Wattson community on the net and compare your energy consumption by others.

The Wattson parts are:

Receiver: a portable unit which allows instant reading of energy consumption around your home.
The LED digital display can be easily read in all light conditions. It will provide immediate information whenever you turn on / off a device inside. Information provided is in Watt or currency: $ £ or €. The Wattson light changes its color depending on the energy consumption: alabaster, purple or red.

The display is clearly readable, uncomplicated, has an aesthetic design and is super-portable. The energy consumption has an average of 5W receiver, which can be reduced to 1W. It is powered by mains or battery (3 months). This gadget dimensions are 105 mm x 170 mm x 55 mm and has a display Material of Polycarbonate, ABS and PVC.

Transmitter: it is easy to install.

The Wattson is compatible with single phase or three phases, which allows it to be used in large homes and small offices. The sensor is powered by four AA batteries (3-6 months).

Wattson’s internal memory (32 kb) saves business information received 288 times a day, providing a detailed history of energy consumption.

You can view information about energy consumption daily, weekly, monthly or annually!