Written by Scott Kelley on August 19, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Every time we go to the seaside or to the swimming pool we need some objects to have fun, to play and to jump into the water! There have appeared a lot of things that make our games more fun, but now here comes the most amusing of them all!

What a full happiness! Running and having fun in the water, thrilling with pleasure and at the same time facing a challenge to absolute joke! Waterball is a huge ball and dry, giant and joy-bringing. It is designed specifically for water with a diameter of 2 meters, without handles in the interior and zippered external as a support for the rope to become prey waves. 

The newest toy invented in the water! Is the highest degree of fun! And I am sure that you will not disagree with me after reading this article, buying it and playing with it in the water! Summer darling, we are coming! Please, don’t bring the rain and keep the sun on the sky!

You can use the Waterball only in water, but once you started playing with it, you will not want to stop ever in your life! The interior is designed for 1-2 people and the outer support is safe now (if using the lake or sea) – the rope is included. Also it has a support to be related to boats, jetski and the swelling can be used any hand pump, foot or electric pump. For inflation it can take approx. 3 minutes – depending on the pump used and it closes with a giant zipper.

The diameter when it is inflated is 2 m and the box size is 59 x 52 x 39 cm. It weights 15 kg and it is denied to persons under 8 years. The Waterwall is made from transparent PVC material and in the package there are included: the waterball, the rope, the repair kit, the instructions and a limited warranty (of 2 years). You and your friends will have a lot of fun and will feel a lot more energetic and ready to start over again and again! Going to the seaside will not mean only laying in the sun and protecting your skin from the rays of sun, it will mean fun, fun and fun with no limit! Take this Waterball and your vacation will be absolutely fantastic and impossible to forget!