Voodoo stand

Written by Scott Kelley on November 1, 2011. Posted in Gadget

When we first heard of this product, we automatically thought about all the little mischievous and related retaliation, but there is nothing supernatural about it. 
In fact it is probably the most bizarre delight kitchen designed by man. 

The press even wrote, “Is likely to become potential future antiquity”. Created by the Italian designer Raffaele Iannello and decorated with elegant steel blades 5, the result has become a challenge to visual interior decorations.

When the support has been imported by the American Voodoo, they changed the name to “The Ex”, meaning “old friend” but considers that it was a gesture without sense and without personality. 
But I’m sure, as it will appear as soon and the female response to physical facilities … My opinion is that this does not worth all the harassment. 
That makes no sense! Please try to enjoy this magnificent design, and let the bad thoughts beside. The knives are fixed by magnets and each has a protective case. The cleaning and washing of this Voodoo stand can be done routinely. You have to be always careful when using knives and do use them away from children.

The knives blades are made of Molybdenum steel and vanadium. Knives of this material are much sharper and resistant at rust and “time” than the one made of 18 / 8 steel.

The kit includes: the basic support, 5 elegant and quality knives​​ and 5 heels protection.
The support has approx. 25.5cm (Diameter) x 38.5cm (height).
The knives have 33 cm, 33 cm, 33 cm, 24 cm, and 20 cm.
They have three colors: red, black and chrome.

What is better than have a Voodoo stand in your own place? Think how funny is to play with them as having a Voodoo doll!
But it is even better because you know that you do not harm anyone with your little pleasure. With this stand your children will be secured so you will not have to worry anymore because of their game in kitchen. You will be able to handle your own problems but without this one! And because of its elegant design, it will give a plus of good taste and style to your house and maybe a little sense of jealousy to your guests. Who knows, the fact is that you need a beautiful stand for your knives too finish your kitchen or maybe a Voodoo stand, to finish your spell …!