Video glasses immortal

Written by Scott Kelley on September 22, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Protect your eyes and share your adventures with your friends through video glasses Immortal. Equipped with a widescreen VGA camera, these lenses are amazing for shooting and storing up to 3 hours of video. Thus you are free to use both hands to climb on the bicycle handlebars or to ski, etc. The product comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses (polarized bright orange, dark gray and transparent polarized) for maximum visibility in all conditions. We also offer a protective metal frame very practical. Why? Those who have placed ever on their own glasses know the answer. Register your adventures (mountain or otherwise) in a practical and original way!
Anyway, we do not think that we should give you any ideas.

The package contains: Immortal Video Glasses, a car Charger, an USB cable and an USB adapter – plug, three interchangeable lenses: polarized bright orange, black and transparent polarized. The support does not allow sliding glasses on nose. It has a frame, a cloth for cleaning and a user Manual.

With only two buttons (Power and Record) this device is easier to use than most cameras, and 51 grams is not much heavier than a pair of ordinary glasses. It registers video with sound and can upload records which can be downloaded via USB cable. These are sunglasses with widescreen video camera, with two buttons (Power / Record).
The lenses are interchangeable and they come in a presentation box. This gadget is ideal for biking, snowboarding and more.

Technical Specifications: The video glasses immortal has a memory of 4GB (3:00) and a resolution of 736 x 480 (widescreen VGA). The lens have 3 mega pixel which help the registration at 25 frames / second (FPS), It has an AVI recording and an integrated Microphone.
This glass has a 500mAh battery (2.5 hours) and a voltage of 5V DC.
The glasses are not designed for underwater usage, but they resist rain and moisture.

System Requirements: You need to have a computer equipped with minimum 1.6 GHz processor; OS: Win 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Mac OSX 10.3.6 or later, an USB Port, minimum 1GB hard disk space and minimum 512MB RAM for its installation. Such a little effort for such some perfect kept memories which will be seen by your own children of nephews! This will surely be better watched by your relatives than a movie. Why? Because you are the main character!