Velocipede Penny Farthing

Written by Scott Kelley on August 3, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Yeah! Already huge and impressive things we do not get to us we noticed in this town … And actually looking, right? To be spontaneous, different, get out of the scheme, to capture the world! 

But what do you think about a Velocipede Penny Farthing? You will attract all the eye, all of them will turn their heads, just like in the 1800s when appeared the “hell in Paris”.

The Velocipede is a vehicle with two wheels, the precursor of the bicycle at the wheel motors, equipped with pedals, which was placed in front and was much higher than the rear, known as the Penny Farthing. This name was inspired by the old British coin Penny Farthing and (quarter-penny).

The first velocipede was built by Pierre Michaux of Paris, somewhere around 1865. The idea to mount the pedals on the front wheel axle was of one of his employees, Pierre Lallement, who then left the U.S., where he patented in 1866 the model.


It is a true Velocipede with a normal class. It is an exact replica of the original.
The Velocipede has modern safety standards improved with a 32 “wheel and 12” rear.
It has a durable strong steel frame, cranks steel anti-slip pedals and rear wheel brake. Furthermore, the spring suspension on the saddle is made to ensure you a comfortable ride. The Velocipede comes with a helmet.Suitable for ages 16 years +.


Front wheel 32 “.
Rear wheel 12 “.

This object has a great size, so you need to be tough enough to pick it up from the post. This if you do not have someone to do the job instead of you.

Of course the new version has all the modern standards of a safety Velocipede.

The steel is durable same as how the anti-slip pedals are; there is a brake on the rear wheel and the saddle has spring suspension to make your fabulous ride a little smoother.

There’s nothing more attractive than seeing someone from the past on one of these wonderful articles.

They are perfect for bike rides in a sunny Sunday or during the week in full excitement of the city, why not? So go ahead and have a sneak peak of this amazing invention and have a ride like in the 1800s.

Why would you resist this awesome offer?