Urban notebook grill

Written by Scott Kelley on August 4, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Who says the grill cannot be used in every time of the year is wrong. Maybe you wonder what we are looking to sell now with a grill in the cold winters. 
Well, what we want is just to extend the activities that bring us pleasure and bring new methods, which makes everything easy and that really works! But voila! The compact set of grill is in front of everything and can be used anywhere and anytime!

Due to the resourceful body, the fire can now be prepared in the most unusual places, even on the terrace (even on the terrace of the office)! When the party ends, this intelligent grill can be fold in a thin way so we can sit comfortable with it under our feet. 
Bon appetit! It is a really practical accessory for all fans of grill flavor!

The urban notebook grill is made of pressed steel. With a size of 45 x 30cm grilling surface, it is a grill that folds thin for convenient storage. It can be installed in some seconds and does not take up much room, but it has a cooking surface of 45x 30cm, enough for 6-8 people. Its opening and closing system design is patented.

So what is out there better than preparing a delicious food on a grill which can be folding? You will have enough space to bring some kid’s toys, meals, books, wood for fire and anything else you desire. Besides its elegant shape, the urban notebook grill has an intelligent sense so your meal will not burn. It is such a beautiful accessory for your garden, but for a meeting in nature with friends too. Your grill and barbeque will be admired by all of them!

Even your children will need a couple of time to inspect its beautiful coverage. So what are you waiting for, offer yourself a fat-night with your lovely friends or relatives, filled with terrifying stories lighted by the moon and of course, by the grill’s light.

Do not worry about the trash left behind you, because it has a patented function so you will not have to ruin your perfect night because of it. Voila, you will sure be called to some more grills in nature, so why staying home because your grill has a size too small for your car when you have the urban notebook! Uuuu, I can already feel the thrill!