Thirsty bird

Written by Scott Kelley on August 1, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Thirsty bird is a gadget that is based on thermodynamic principles for operation. It has exactly the same laws that make moving a heat engine to help moving a bird long time without batteries or other means like a perpetual motion. The first step is to fill a glass with water then soak the bird beak and hold it for a few seconds. Let it free and it will start to oscillate and after a few seconds the gadget will go again with the water bill. The explanation is found in textbooks of physics: when water evaporates from the material per glass temperature it drops and causes vapor to condense material inside and down into the tank. But condensation causes a decrease in vapor pressure which makes tilting the bird to climb again. 


*WARNING: This product should stay away from children because it contains chemicals. 
*The thirsty bird uses thermodynamic principles for a lasting movement without batteries. 
*For operation it only needs a glass of water. 
*It has a size of 17 cm.

It is an amazing gadget which will capture your children attention, if it is placed in a secure place. Why do we have to buy a lot of toys for them, which eventually broke and are obviously expensive? With thirsty bird this principle will be stopped. You will not have to buy any batteries, but you only have to fill a glass with water and it is ready to operate. This gadget is really easy to maintain, especially because it has a little size and could be taken wherever you or your children want. So, why are you waiting for? Think about how easily life would be when you have kids in your house. You will not be stressed and your life will change dramatically.

In good, of course! It needs just a little attention, not to be touched by children. But it is not a problem when both kids and your guests will be captivated by this gadget with thermodynamic principles! You will be admired for your purchase, do not you think? Most of the customers were, so you have plenty of reasons and motivations to be. So go ahead, if you want a relaxed way of life when you have kids or only if you want to enjoy spending a night in an armchair with this thirsty gadget which is waiting for you to order it!