The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Written by Scott Kelley on June 2, 2014. Posted in Gadget

Decorations have always been important when it came to expressing one’s personality. The best items people can use in order to decorate their house are those that also have a practical use. The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is one of the products that can enhance your home in a great way.

The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp has a great design that can make any house look modern and relaxing in the same time. We all know how important is to come home from work and find a nice place where we can enjoy a peaceful time. All these things are possible now, because this new improvement that you can bring to your place has many amazing properties.

The aspect that people seem to enjoy the most about the LED lamp is the calming effect it has. The floating jellies look like they have their own routine going on. Furthermore, their dance can be described as hypnotizing and comforting to watch.

All your concerns will disappear in the moment your attention will be captured by the therapeutic movements of the three realistic jellyfish. The 6 bright LEDs are also important elements that can help you find the relaxation you need after a hard day of work. They can cycle through colors, or you can adjust the tank to display your favorite color. The LED light features five different colors, so, depending on your mood, you can choose between blue, pink, green, yellow and red.

This product is imported from Japan where is known for its healing effects. The quiet motor that it incorporates has an automatic shut-off option, and it is not very loud. The function it features is very helpful, especially if you forget to turn it off.

If you want the LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp to function properly, you must always follow the instructions, and use only distilled water. The jets at the top of the tank are the ones that make the jellyfish swim properly, but they won’t work with tap water. You might also encounter some problems regarding the way the jellies move, in which case you must add a few drops of liquid dish soap in the tank. That is all you need to do in order to make the device function the way you want.

This special item is very easy to be handled. It is not appreciated only for its decorative role, but also for its therapeutic and calming properties. It represents a great way to manage stress and to maintain a happy mood.

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