The Best Gadgets for Your Car

Written by Scott Kelley on October 11, 2014. Posted in Gadget

When it comes to making you old car more appealing, gadgetry plays an important role in achieving your goal. Of course, it is absolutely required to have the best radar detector because it can help you reach your destination without dealing with speeding tickets and other inconveniences. Furthermore, the best radar detector will inform you about potential road hazard, and it will alert you in advance every time a problem appears, allowing you to act accordingly. Still, there are many other useful gadgets that can help you enhance your ride.

iODB2 Engine Data Reader

For those who want to know more about their engine’s performance, we recommend the iODB2 Engine Data Reader, a reliable tool that will keep them informed about their car’s status. All you have to do is plug the 16 pin diagnostic connector into the data port of the engine, and install the free application on your iOS or Android device. Next, you need to connect through Bluetooth, and access the data that will allow you to obtain an accurate diagnose. The iODB2 Engine Data Reader supports car models from 30 brands, and it allows you to view OBD-II and EOBD codes.

Parrot Asteroid Mini

The Parrot Asteroid Mini is one of the most useful gadgets that you can buy for your car, because it integrates with your audio system and smartphone to facilitate voice-activated phone calls. This hands-free multimedia system can be easily mounted on your dashboard, and since it features an Android operating system, it enables access to all of your audio sources. Furthermore, it provides applications that are meant to assist you while driving. Some of these apps include navigation tools, web radio and different types of alerts. Giving that it features a 3.2-inch screen and a hands-free remote control, it allows you to drive without getting distracted, so it is very safe.

Macally dMount

Based on the large number of free navigation apps that drivers can opt for, more and more people use their smartphone to enjoy the advantages of a satellite navigation system. Therefore, an effective mount is required so that your mobile phone won’t slide from one place to another. Macally dMount is a reliable, solid gadget that must be mounted directly on your car’s dashboard, and not on the windscreen. Due to the fact that its suction cup is coated with a silicon gel, it can be stuck even on textured surfaces. Furthermore, the Macally dMount is very simple to adjust, and the best part is that it is suitable even for devices which measure 95 mm wide. So, it can accommodate large handsets, too.