The beer machine

Written by Scott Kelley on October 25, 2011. Posted in Gadget

The production of beer has a history of approx. 6000 years since the “factory” in Mezopo – Thames, once when he noted the beer recipes so they were placed near the Pharaohs in pyramids, the Chinese used it in religious rituals. The art of making beer appeared breweries, where the production of the beer by ancient recipes had a main character, a pub.

After the industrial revolution and industrialization began, they add in the beer more water, and nowadays you could rarely find the traditional beer taste. Art has become a habit. But we have good news! The machine which makes beer is really a great invention. Experience the art of enjoying a true cold beer! Home beer making machine offers all the possibilities. You just have to add water barrel, the mixture of beer (you can choose it from six tastes), and wait 7-10 days (Yes, this is the worst!).

As a reward you get a beer, not really … 28 beers, serving approx. 9-10 liters in total, 100% natural ingredients because of its highly traditional savory flavors … Health!

With a package you will get approx. 9-10 liters of beer, that is 27 to 30 glasses of 0.33 l (in a set have 3 packages). You can choose the headset packs Beer light (GOLDEN LAGER) or the set of Beer.

The blonde beer kit contains: American Pilsner, Golden Lager and Canadian Red, 1 packet of each + accessories + 10 x Cartridges CO2
From the set of blonde beer you get approx. 60 servings of 0.33 liters.

The beer kit contains: Honey Brown, Pale Ale and Canadian Red mixes, one package of each + accessories + 10 x Cartridges CO2.

The beer produced is a real delight, naturally drink. It feels very tasty and extravagant.
It can be a gift for the entire claim or a gesture as an invitation to a wonderful glass of beer flavored.
The whole package comes with all the accessories.

Pour water into the barrel, add a mix of beer (preferably mix) natural, sealed car and wait for 7-10 days. Fermentation is totally enclosed, odor or leakage.
The beer’s taste and shape can be controlled by adding CO2 and water, the pressure and time of fermentation.

Also keep adding CO2 pressure in the barrel, so you have a delicious beer even for 1-2 months.
One of the producers kept the beer in the fridge for 12 months, and it remained delicious!
You can vary the level of alcohol during fermentation or the water for example.