Written by Scott Kelley on March 7, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The market was flooded with numerous audio docks for iPod / iPhone. So how do we decide which of these products are best to purchase? If you are looking for nothing but quality and design, we suggest Teac Aurb. You could use it both for a more beautiful home. Magazines and specialty websites are crazy beautiful TEAC Aurb. It is compatible with all the models of iPod / iPhone. This elegant and sleek gadget will delight your ears with true sound but powerful. It is enough to make you give your shirt down and start dancing in the living room by yourself (though preferably with some friends). Magazines have compared it with the acclaimed (but more expensive) Zeppelin.

It is compatible with:
Shuffle 2nd Generation, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, Touch, Classic, Mini and Nano generations 1-3, 4-5, 6.

• Dock iPhone / iPod,
• Power 100W,
• CD player,
• FM Radio, USB Port,
• iPod / CD / Radio / USB / Aux In
• Retractable iPod Dock (iPod charge while listening to music)
• Plays MP3 files on USB sticks
• PLL synthesized FM tuner
• CD player supports files of type CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA
• FL Display
• Two speakers with Bass-reflex port
• It includes a slim remote control.
• Remote to also control the iPod functions

It measures approximately 57 cm x 23 cm x 22 cm and weights approximately 5.4 kg.

The dock for iPod / iPhone is retractable, so you can use this audio as an FM radio or CD player (built on top). Furthermore, the system is a part and Aux In and USB jacks for connecting MP3 player, USB stick and more.

Why to keep 3 to 4 devices when you can have one – that is elegant and looks good to visitors; it is not just a dock iPod / iPhone, but a CD player + FM radio.
As if that is not enough, this device has a range of equalizer settings, enough to satisfy any kind of audiophile: from classical music lovers to strong bass obsessed.

Unlike similar products, Aurb has a remote control … hmmm … very sexy, which is intuitive and has an elliptical shape, to match the parent system. This will allow you to easily navigate through menus and play lists.

If I have convinced all these technical qualities, then surely the slim design will convince you to press ‘Order’. Darth Vader from Star Wars would definitely buy this product’s eternal struggle to conquer the universe, or just to wear on your head. And if that’s not a good enough reason to order TEAC Aurb, then we do not know what else is.

As we mentioned above, this is but one of the many audio docks that are available to the public. TEAC Aurb was our favorite one but that doesn’t mean that it is also the best choice for everybody. In order to find the best audio dock for your needs you should research other products as well. You can do this by checking a tech website. We particularly like HcmDigital.Net because it features a wide variety of tech equipment, software and apps.