Swing whiskey glasses

Written by Scott Kelley on September 14, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Let me ask you something more personal… are you a lover of fine drinks? If you really are and I am sure you do, you may certainly know that the glass shape is very important in art for the savor and the quality of whiskey. It must maintain the flavor for as long as possible limiting the exchange with the air above. The experts believe that a professional tasting glass is a glass with a shape of a bulb. The product we are going to present to you has all these qualities and a funny weight too.

The Swing whiskey glass includes a number of 6 glasses of whiskey, every single piece having a volume of 200ml. Each cup measures about 7.4 cm (diameter) x 8.5 cm (height), so that it appears to be quite easy to keep in your hands and quite commode too!

You just have to put it on a smooth surface and it will swing round, walk like a little drink. No matter how much of the liquor in the glass is preferred, it will not tip over! So don’t worry! You only have to give it a nudge and you will see how frightened your guests will rush to catch it (that’s going to be the funny part!).

These glasses are perfect for parties at home and they will help you know if you can drink more or you have to stop! If your living room is spinning around and around and the cup is stationary, it is time to retire! You should take into account this clue, as it really offers you some advice about the quantity of drink you must take and the image you will have in front of your acquaintances sitting next to you!

This gadget is a must have and if you are attracted by soft and elegant drinks, you can order such an package to your house too! Think about all the parties and all the amazement that will surround the people around you once they will try the magic glasses! The drinks will taste even better than you can imagine and the whole process of drinking will be more and more special to you and to all your friends! I think that there are not enough words to describe the whole effects and therefore, we let you buy it and eventually subscribe to this article and help us discover your impression about it!