Star tortoise

Written by Scott Kelley on December 17, 2011. Posted in Gadget

My child, our child… most of us do not know what would reflected in our souls and bodies these words, understood far away from the possession or support against loneliness. Dear Dad, Dear Mother, Grandparents soul fulfilled, the respect and admiration for you can be harvested in words. When hearts, souls and bodies of two people create a comprehensive and clear fruit, not feelings or body, but even a small man, a being who smiles and cries, which learns from your breath, talks after seeing your senses, and is a part coming from you, I do not think that you can believe it for real. 

This time there – a time when all the power starts through us and allows us to do miracles. Happiness is sometimes a blessing – but usually it is conquest, the magical moment when you know you’re part of a miracle – to have a child.

Properties: it is a huge is a huge 30 x 19 x 12cm, its body is more soft and the shell is solid. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (get included).

Use: it is for nursery, an object of ambience and also an educational toy. The turtle and the solid house lights in different colors and designs in real colors the stellar space as if it were in front of your child. Composed of seven parts, the magical power plays with stars in the sky location. It is a stunning visual experience, soothing and educational. Magic, we prefer to say. It creates a light sleeping for your children, especially when you will tell them stories or explain about the dwarfs and stellar images. 

Indeed, it is an unforgettable experience! Searching the stars together, finding their ways with children, who are beginning their lives with interest. What can be above it? The light turns off automatically after 45 minutes, so the children sleep will not be disturbed.

The variable light colors are blue, green and gold and the projection displays these constellations: Orion, Ursa Minor (with Polaris, the North Star), Ursa Major, Great Dog, Cepheus, Pegasus, Draco, Gemini, Horn of the Moon – Crescent (actually, it is not a constellation, but is part of the sky star).

Your baby deserves the magnific start tortoise and his childhood and growth will be seriously influenced by it! If you really care about your child’s life, buy it for him as soon as possible!