Spa mini pool

Written by Scott Kelley on October 6, 2011. Posted in Gadget

If you’ve always had a desire to lose hours in a personal jacuzzi, now the time has come! You can make it anytime, anywhere! Right! With the introduction of spa mini pool, we didn’t reinvent the Spanish wax, but you have to admit there is something extraordinary about it. 

The mini pool is portable, it can be placed in the bathroom if there is enough space, on the terrace, in the courtyard, near the big pool and the list goes on. You can take it to a cottage where the winter shrouded by the power of 80 jets and the hot water will let you enjoy the beauty of the mountain and relax. Just imagine the snow, untouched by man, the eternal green trees, the sharp you’re your fragile body in the heat of the jacuzzi. If the low price and the quick installation failed to convince you, now you can also choose the XL Deluxe version with enough space for 6 people!

The spa mini pool may be installed in any room and here begins the spa treatment. Its installation could not be easier. You have to swell the pool with the included pump, connected the water with the filter system, set the right temperature, wait until it heats up and then start the jets! The interior supports within approx. 900 liters of water and its highest temperature is 40 degrees. Also the water temperature is stabilized continuously in the device included (with digital display and LEDs).

Also, if you want to have a great space in your garden, especially arranged for jacuzzi, you can build a wooden fence that surrounds it. Thus you get a unique mini pool, like those of thousands and thousands of euros! The water is filtered at each circuit: 1900 L / hour, the interior space is for 4-5 people and the 80 turbo jets will treat you as you wanted! Also, you have to know that the drainage system is performed with the accessories included. IMPORTANT! The accessories included solve the leaking of water from the pool, but you should have its own channel in the yard / room etc.

The pool is designed for harsh weather conditions and therefore the material is strong and there is included a special blanket. The pool should be cleaned regularly for optimal hygiene

WARNING! Do not leave the children unsupervised when the blanket is not placed!