Solar garden pot

Written by Scott Kelley on September 28, 2011. Posted in Gadget

A garden or a furnished terrace brings a great joy, a visual impression both day and night. Garden lighting is a basic element for power and happiness and we find quite a lot of options on this kind of market. Our solar pot seems to be a good idea, like the lights of the fairies (solar LED string). The visual effect is given by the comfort of plant pots that makes a differences from from the rest of the tenders. These pots do not require complicated installations and they are powered from the sun, turn on automatically when darkness falls and turn off when the sun rises. From that point until the night they charge with light once again. It is a definitely nice idea! 


It is a stylish pot that uses solar energy to power the incorporated LED light. It has an automatic ignition and once the darkness falls, the pot activates automatically and lights the garden. There are two types: one that lights up continuously (white light) and the model that plays all the colors of the rainbow. Place the pots in the garden or on the terrace, arrange the flowers and turn on the solar panel so simple! “What if the pot is in the shadow, under the trees?” you may wonder… the panel has a 3 m long cable and it can be placed so that even if the pot reaches the shade, the panel will be fed to a sunny spot. Your guests will be envious on you and your garden prepared by you!

The pot is waterproof (eg. rain) but it is recommended that you place them in a place where water doesn’t accumulate. It is not recommended to leave them in ponds or other places where water accumulates because it can cause their damage and your investment will be useless. You have to pay a lot of attention to protect the solar panel from snow and frost. This gadget is a Green Eco product, with control buttons on / off. The cable has length of 3 m You may be also interested in the supply means!

When using this product for the first time, set the solar panel on “Off” and let it load approx. 2 days. This procedure is recommended in every 3 months. After these two days, set the panel on “on” and so it begins the automatic life. It automatically turns on at night and goes on in the morning. The pot lights around 8-10 hours during summer and approx. 4-6 hours in winter.

The dimensions are: outer diameter = 28 cm, height = 28 cm, interior diameter = 25 cm, interior height = 15 cm. There are included in the package: one pot (white or colored), one solar panel, a 3 m long cable, rechargeable batteries (one 1.2V AA NiMH white model, one 3x 1.2V AA NiMH colored model).

Try it and we guarantee to you that you will not regret having done this!