Snow HD Video Camera Goggles

Written by Scott Kelley on August 7, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Snow Goggles HD Video Camera from Liquid Image is the first known manufacturer that incorporates a camera. Cam Ski boasts a 5MP camera, which is able to take pictures and record video and audio. It has 16MB internal memory, expandable to 32GB via micro SD \ SDHC, with which you can get 2,200 pictures or 2 hours of video phenomenal spent on the side. Large size buttons on the right side of the glasses are easy to press even with gloves and the LED inside will show if you chose to film or take pictures. Snow Goggles HD Video Camera is handy for escapades on the snow, and more! It is near us, when we exceed their limits on the slope. If you have a larger budget, you can purchase the Zeal Optics Goggles GPS.

HD Video Camera Snow Goggles embodies the concept of a full-size camera in a pair of goggles Ski / Snowboard / Sand board which allows the user to enjoy the freedom with fewer accessories and to have hands free to conquer the slopes.

It has integrated the camera records video with audio, allowing the sharing of experience, pride and style practiced speed, allowing focus less on handling the camera.
Ski Cam has a 5.0 MP camera (2560 x 1920) and a video recording HD720p (1280 x 720), at a rate of up to 30 frames per second (FPS), and more records and audio.
Ski Cam is easy to use: it has a button on / off and another button to take pictures. For photos or video simply turn the camera, choose mode (screen inside photos or video signal) and press the record button. That’s all!

LED lights inside the glasses indicate the recording mode selected.
Because the buttons are large size, you will not have difficulties when using the camera.
Ski Cam has an internal memory of 16MB, which can be extended with an extra 16GB (SD card) with which you can record about 2,200 images and more than 4 hours video.
It can accommodate with a micro SD / SDHC up to 16GB (32 GB total memory). The use of such a micro card camera is capable of recording thousands of photographs or film for hours.
Files can be downloaded to your PC via a USB or via high performance SD / SDHC.
Ski Cam is compatible with Mac and PCs. It is not necessary to download software to download pictures or video on your computer.
Ski Cam runs on rechargeable Lithium.
Battery performance is estimated to be 2 hours of footage.