Shared Paper Lite

Written by Scott Kelley on January 2, 2013. Posted in Gadget

When you want to make and share presentations, the new Shared Paper Lite iPad app is a great tool for that. In comparison with other presentation style apps available on the app store, Shared Paper Lite is different for many reasons. One major difference is that Shared Paper Lite is not only a slide viewer presentation tool, but also an editor.

Shared Paper Lite features a zoomable canvas for writing and drawing on during meetings and presentations. There is a scale at the top of the iPad tablet screen which indicates where you are in the expandable canvas of this app. Shared Paper Lite combines all the basic drawing tools with an easy-to-use interface. This iPad app lets you add text, change colors, brush sized, import and embed images, as well as select, move and rotate any object as wanted.

What is great about Shared Paper Lite is that you can easily collaborate on the drawing canvas. By using a wifi connection, you can share your ideas like a fully interactive whiteboard between connected iPads. This features leads to better communication and gives users the freedom to express their creativity and ideas simultaneously on a different iPad using the same canvas.

The useful Shared Paper Lite allows you to easily convert your drawing canvas into a presentation – all you have to do is select preset views of your canvas and display it as a slideshow. The transition options of the slideshow include clean fades and fly-through zooms from one place on the canvas to the next. The integrated Airplay lets you beam this to a large monitor and TV. When your presentation is finished, you can export it as a PDF document or as an image file.

Share Paper Lite is free and the full paid version of Shared Paper is available on the app store for $4.99 (regular $6.99). The drawings in Shared Paper Lite free version are limited to 25 objects and 3 active documents, but it is a great test drive before going for the full version.