Rovio WiFi Robot

Written by Scott Kelley on August 29, 2011. Posted in Gadget

The perfect definition for a robot is that it makes life easier, right? It appears that the new gadget Rovio WiFi has just been built for it! Do you want more reasons?

Rovio WiFi robot makes it possible while we are in two different places at the same time, while it simultaneously keeps in touch with us in a relaxing and elegant manner. Equipped with three omni-directional wheels, it represents no obstacle in your house / office and it seems to have escaped from Transformers 3!

With the triple room and its microphone and speaker, it feels like replacing us at home even though we are at the other half of the globe. What makes it special is that you can control it via laptop, PDA, Wii, mobile phone, anything that supports WiFi. Wi-Fi is a robot that can be guided by any generation of computers anywhere in the world via the Internet. It can be controlled from anywhere in the world, as long as there is Internet connection! Users can communicate, observe, film, photography, even spy (if applicable) through Rovio WiFi Robot

It connects via wi-fi internet and has a controlling software via the Internet that is accessible from mobile phones, PDA or consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii). The robot is controlled directly or by specifying routes (for example you can send the robot in the kitchen, in the bathroom, anywhere in your house). It is even equipped with LED navigation in the dark and
maybe you can make it learn the house routes, so you do not have to guide him step by step each time to the usual places! Those who have an affinity for robots will become addicted to it! With the touch of a button you can send it “to bed” by sensors incorporated and TrueTrack system.

This gadget includes a software package that is compatible with Windows XP / Vista and you can install it under OSX (MAC) (it is not recommended for beginners). It is equipped with three wheels for easy movement in any direction. The TrueTrack Navigation System GPS allows storing and covering tracks. Also, the VGA video camera has three positions that can be set via the Internet and another advantage of Rovio WiFi Robot is that it is equipped with a speaker to convey, and a microphone to receive the sound.

Try it and you will be convinced!