Rose of Jericho Dinosaur Plant

Written by Scott Kelley on August 10, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Have your ever thought of such an amazing idea? Or at least, have you ever thought of the possibility of creating such a plant? Neither have we! This is why right now we are so amazed and speechless! This plant is a miracle!

Older than Dinosaurs and clearly more resistant than them, these plants have survived 290 million years, which puts us, the humans, obviously, on our well known place on our site. Spread under the name of Lycopodium lepidophyllum (Selaginellaceae family), Resurrection, Rose of Jericho are ideal plants both for the lovers and for those who believe that their aura of life probably does not interfere with the Earth’s flora. More specifically, to those who always forget to wet the flowers.

Dinosaurs plants are true treasures. They live 50 years without water, just because they are completely different from what you have known so far. They do not dry, even if they are not watered. Its bright green beautifies any room. It even refreshes the air, a very appreciated fact especially by the smokers. Moreover, it is a symbol of love and happiness, so it is the perfect present. The rose must be delivered in dry mood and you simply have to wet it with water. It would be very funny to tell to your grandchildren that you have this for a few decades ago, and that you woke up the Dinosaur plant ever since.

There are some rules that you have to know before buying such a plant. First of all, it comes back to life within 24 hours after receiving water. It hibernates for almost 50 years, if it is not watered. So you can go on a holiday and water it only after you return. Your flower will not suffer any damage! This is not difficult to the luminosity either, as it needs a medium sun. One of its properties is that it is part of the Selaginellaceae family.

The recommended habitat for Rose of Jericho Dinosaur Plant is Middle East and the Central America. Its popular names are: Resurrection Plant, Rose of Jericho, Siempre Viva, Flor de Piedra, Doradilla, Flower of Rock, Stone Flower, Magor (Tarahumara), Much-kok (may be Klingon) Siempreviva.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, it can be an excellent ornamental plant, as its “bloom” is large. The package includes: plant (in hibernation, will bloom in 24 hours), information and manual of instructions.