Rhythm Studio App for iPad

Written by Scott Kelley on February 7, 2012. Posted in Gadget

If you enjoy creating and recording your own music, then Rhythm Studio App for iPad is perfect for you. With a touch of your iPad, there you have a studio of classic synths and drum machines. Rhythm Studio app features wonderfully rendered synthesizers, a delight both for the eyes and the ears.

Presented by PulseCode Inc, Rhythm Studio App for iPad is one of the best apps for premium electronic music making that perfectly combines beautiful graphics and exquisite sound. Let yourself fascinated with the pristine recreations of classic synths and drum machines. In addition, this full electronic music production kit incorporates TB-303 synth and a TR-808 drum machine.

This very sophisticated app has an easy-to-use interface that looks like real instruments. Just a touch of your iPad tablet screen and you can tap, pinch and swipe to turn knobs, slide switches and press buttons. The workspace environment offers you multiple boards, including FX Mixer, an X/Y style control pad and sample based synthesizers.

Rhythm Studio App for iPad allows you to create songs in three different ways. First, you can use the step sequencer like the real hardware. Second, you can use the Control Pad to play the synths live. Third, you can create a random pattern instantly.

In addition, the built-in import and export for iTunes gives you the chance to work on previous projects or export you new creations and share them with friends.

For a limited time, Rhythm Studio App for iPad is available on the app store for only $0.99.