QED uPlay Bluetooth Receiver

Written by Scott Kelley on October 11, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Music, sweet sound entering the heart and veins makes us enter the magic! Who loves music, cannot be a bad man…

Realistic as we are, we have many more accessories to share music, and even more quality to give vent to the sounds of our small pitches, but thinking one step ahead, how you feel to get home after a busy day (or one easier day, just so), start the music on the iPhone, and have already everything in hi-fi sounds, the sounds get immediate in the area without a phone, iPod, etc.. Stand stiff in a device? “Oh, the phone rings, you have to get up .., I really have to get up and take it, is connected to the hi-fi?” NOOP! Not. QED is a device connected to any hi-fi that has the power to synchronize up to 4 sources of music via Bluetooth – laptop, notebook, phone, Palm, iPod, etc…

QED is a device that allows Bluetooth connection between Hi-fi and other devices with Bluetooth 4.
It must be connected to electricity.
You have all the accessories included: Bluetooth technology capable x.
Compatibility: iPhone 4, 3G & 3GS, iPod touch 2, 3, 4, Stereo Bluetooth A2DP mobile phone, PDA, PC, laptop and netbook.
Jacks are gold plated tips.
It can synchronize with up to 4 devices with Bluetooth.
It operates range to maximum 10 meters.

The package contains:

1 x QED uPlay
1 x network adapter
1 x stereo adapter to dual phone input

The possibilities are quite specific, so that you have even a gizmo or gadget that has Bluetooth and is full of music. Same friends, no? Here we talk about iPhone, iPod, laptop course, A2DP/apt-X, PDA MDS.

As you probably have a decent audio system. It is natural, and I already expected from the minds and creators of technology, they unite without salad cable. When you want to have music, radio or other sound from a Bluetooth device, what to do now is turning it on!

It is super easy to not be forced to store music on multiple devices, one for the day (eg. The phone), another laptop, another for Hi-Fi + all this will be related to a certain place where probably hangs the Cable jack on our accessories to be “non-mobile” when listening to music, to be stuck in another device.

Of course we also have here the super fine audio iPhone for example, but if you already have a Hi-Fi that you can rely, for it does not serve all needs in terms of sound?