Putting Safety First – How to Catch a Burglar with the Help of Tech Devices

Written by George Westville on November 27, 2017. Posted in Gadget

Of course, everybody wants to be safe at home, installing strong material doors and locks, but have you ever considered installing gadgets that can provide full protection to your house? According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics & SmartLock.Reviews, burglaries are more likely to happen in the summertime, because people leave doors and windows opened to enjoy the fresh air. The latest technology has been offering us a lot of possibilities of modern and capable devices in order to help us prevent unwanted intrusions.
It is true that burglar alarms and all those systems that are connected directly to the Police stations are very effective, but you have to be careful and aware of different situations that you might confront.

Web security cameras

These devices are effective for any kind of houses; when everybody has left, they can monitor all the activity inside your house and also outside. Lately, these devices got so small that they can barely be seen. There are plenty of models you can choose from that are also stylish and fit well with your home decor due to their subtle styling.
There are two types of cameras that can provide protection of your house indoors and outdoors. Depending on their built-in features, you can easily decide which system fits your needs best.

Motion detection features

These cameras come with motion detection that can notify you when there are unknown or suspicious objects or persons in their field of view.

Night vision features

With this feature, the camera can record images in low light and total dark conditions. Because most of the intrusions happen during the night time, you will probably consider this fact.

Field of view

This feature is important to notice because it is about how wide is the angle the camera is capable of recording. You might find it important because you will want to know how many cameras you need to purchase and what are their installation spots.


This feature refers to the clarity of the recordings. A clear image will be important in detecting a specific face or object at some point.

Wireless features

Wi-fi cameras can communicate with your network without using wires that can eventually be cut. They are easy to install and less susceptible to be disabled.


Cameras that can tilt or pan are obviously more capable than static cameras. They can record larger spaces so you won’t need to install a lot of cameras to cover specific areas.

Facial recognition devices

This technology can tell you the exact moment when your children have entered the house from school and also alert you if a stranger tries to get inside.
The Netatmo Welcome, for example, is a cylinder device with small dimensions that has stylish looks and can be placed on any table near your main entrance. Thanks to its facial recognition technology, you can closely monitor all the persons that enter or leave your house. It is affordable and effective considering that it is more than a camera. This system has sensors that can send alerts to your smartphone when doors or windows inside your house are opened and closed.

Watch out for the blind spots

Surveillance cameras that are mounted outside are useful in monitoring all the outdoor activities, but the burglars will definitely not try to enter a house through your front door. The Arlo Systems can be very effective in monitoring blind spots of a house, corners and small areas that are hard to see. Due to their hi-tech features like motion detection, high-definition video, and infrared night vision, they can easily spot any unknown presence. They are magnetically-mounted and battery powered so they can last up to six months of use before replacing their power cells.

Bell ringers

Before breaking into houses, burglars use to knock or ring the doorbell to see if there is someone at home. A light that turns on in the front of your house might be enough to scare them off. Using this system you will be able to set up a schedule for the bulbs to turn their light on and off, no matter if you are at home or not.
Smart Bell is capable of dialing the owner’s phone number when pressed, allowing you to speak to whoever is at your door, no matter the place you are at that moment. The device’s speaker produces a type of sound that can create the impression that the person talking through it is inside the house. Because most of the burglars ring the bell in order to check if there is anybody at home, this would be the perfect idea to counteract unexpected situations.

GPS tracking devices

You have to be very careful with your car or motorcycle as well as you are with your entire house. The GPS tracking technology gives you alerts directly on your phone when your vehicle is moving and also shows you the exact place where it goes to. These devices are both simple and powerful because they can receive information from the satellites and use it to determine the position of your car through trilateration.
The Spark Nano, for example, is a small GPS device that has easy installation and can provide accurate information using a web-based interface. It can be connected to your computer or your phone and gives you information regarding the places where your car has been. This kind of technology is also useful to keep a close eye on your kids by monitoring their activities.