Pros and Cons of Robot Lawn Mowers

Written by Aiden Bradley on August 10, 2015. Posted in Gadget

With all the daily chores, the responsibilities and the stress people have to face, they all dream about having a robot to do all the hard work, and this is why having a robot lawn mower sounds so appealing. Picture yourself sipping on a drink while this useful gadget cuts your lawn, and you will never want to let it go. However, if you read some robot lawnmower reviews, you will see that the robot lawn mower has its cons as it has its pros, so here are some of the reasons why you should or shouldn’t own one.


  • Environmentally friendly

    One of the biggest advantages of a robot lawn mower is that it doesn’t require electricity, oil or gas in order to operate, meaning the effect on the environment is minimal. You don’t have to worry about a high energy consumption, as it only charges for a few hours and it doesn’t create harmful emissions that pollute the air like the gas lawn mowers do.

  • Time and effort saving

    With a robot lawn mower, you can relax and enjoy some spare time as it takes care of your lawn, and it does it very well. The fact that it doesn’t need assistance from you makes it really useful for times when you are too busy to mow the lawn.


  • More expensive

    Its high price is the main disadvantage that discourages people from buying a robot lawn mower, being considerably more expensive than a regular lawn mower.

  • Makes you less active

    The fact that you won’t be pushing the mower and walking along the garden minimizes your physical effort and makes you more sedentary. While this is an advantage for elders and people with a weak health, it may be a disadvantage for those who used the mowing time as an exercise.

  • The lack of service and specialists

    Repairing your regular lawn mower is easy, as you can find a specialist at every hour of the day, but a good technician to fix your robot lawn mower can be hard to find, not to mention that more expensive as well.

  • Short battery life

    According to most robot lawnmower reviews, the battery of such a mower lasts very little compared to other mowers, and the random patterns of mowing use even more battery, meaning they will need to charge more often. Although they head to the charging station on their own, if they encounter an obstacle, thy remain there, which means you will have to remove the obstacles and make sure they reach to the recharging station.

  • Dangerous for kids and pets

    Being small and wandering along the garden, it may be tempting for children or pets to jump on it and mistake it for a toy, which could be very dangerous. Make sure that there are no children and pets unsupervised in the garden while the robot mower does its job.