Power Plant Machine

Written by Scott Kelley on October 31, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Say “Goodbye” to the pathetic and skinny ties of herbs in the store and say “Welcome” to the most simple and advanced plants and spices breeder in the world! No matter if you are the most inexperienced gardener on Earth because the remarkable Machine Power Plant will do everything for you. Plants grow at least three times faster than put in ordinary land regardless of the season or light conditions and it is called Aeroponical cultivation.

Create your own herb garden in an Italian or French style, with chili, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, herbs, gourmet and more! It can be used with any seeds! This device became the glory of each kitchen.

Properties: the dimensions are 20cm x 15.5cm x 7cm. All accessories are included in the package. This is powered from the network. It uses a technology that will allow cultivation of plants in the home kitchen. It is very easy to use, anyone can have a fabulous garden in the house.

Plants grow in water and air. Why do you need to grow healthy plants in their kitchen splendor? Seeds – select any seeds you want. Nutrition – organic, pure and natural with 65 micro-and macronutrients for growing healthy fast (you will have included a set of nutrients, and after they end, you can use the nutrients purchased from specialty stores). About water, you should know that the roots are bathed in water with nutrients.

Oxygen – the aeroponic technology, when the roots are suspended in the frame with optimal !humidity 100% and maximum oxygenation.

For optimal results, use this power plant machine in combination with the Aroccom 400w reflector grow light. Led grow lights provide plants with a type of light similar to the sunlight. The plants use this light for growing and flowering. While natural light can do the same thing, in the wintertime, natural light is scarce. With a led grow light system, you could grow plants all year long. The Aroccom 400w reflector led grow light will be powerful enough in order to provide the plants in the plant machine with plenty of beneficial light.

6 reasons why you love your garden:

  • You will have your own healthy garden all year even in the kitchen.
  • It is very simple and 100% guaranteed.
  • All the goodies grown under your toes at all times.
  • Aeroponic revolutionary technology: plants grow in air and water, without soil, while receiving all necessary nutrients.
  • International spices specific to other cultures in your own kitchen for the whole family all the year.
  • Hygienic and clean, tasty and nutritious. It also gives a higher value to your kitchen! Do not forget about the beauty of plants rich!

Don’t waste your time on thinking whether you should buy it or not! It’s the perfect gadget for your kitchen and garden and it will make your work a lot easier and your house will look a lot more attractive! Just try it!