Pocket pedometer

Written by Scott Kelley on January 17, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Perhaps you know that walking is healthy. Well, now you can do your walks while counting your steps. This is what pedometers do. Just wear it in your pocket, purse or hang it by the throat and this toy will include steps with great accuracy.

You can wear it with you while you go and then connect it to your computer’s USB. After the installation, it will tell you exactly how many steps you did in that day, a month or a year.
Long summer days make the evening exercises more tempting but statistics show that crimes committed in summer are more numerous than in other seasons.
Now you have to pay more attention to self-defense and safety measures. Fear must not be present in any moment of our lives; we cannot wake up every day with thoughts of anxiety and disorder, caused by a real or imagined danger, but we can prepare for unfavorable emergencies. 

Pedometers from Oregon Scientific has created the next registration steps, consumed calories, distance / speed and a 120 dB alarm system for emergencies. It is appropriate when you are on a sparsely populated area or in time when the pace of jogging partner is different than their own. Is also small and fits in any bag. Now we just need to draw attention to situations when you hear this sound. Someone may need you!

The pocket pedometer is a gadget whose features are:
It registers calibrated steps, speed / distance and the calories burned.
This gadget displays time and date.
It has incorporated a safety pin for panic and emergency situations. This triggers with a huge 120 dB sound alerts others.

It may be a perfect gift too for a fit person, who will surely be grateful for this unique present. Besides its small size, the pocket pedometer may be used as a little phone in case of emergencies. And who would refuse this kind of gift… I guess that no one. Now, with this gadget jogging will be more entertaining because of its function. You will be more than amazed and your motivation will grow so that you will be fit without a big effort from your subconscious telling you that you have to go jogging. Knowing how many steps you did in a day is more than a reward for human being and will surely make you want to beat your own record from one day to another!