Pen Spy Camera

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Writing with a video camera with built-in audio was created for these mature supervision. The investigator is now a spy in the distance, in most cases, but advanced intelligence begins when engaging in acts is done in real time, under cover, that is undercover. When you are in a meeting, a meeting or simply the presence of the face and you look ridiculous with a camera or microphone wires and the chest, consider the “nobility” of a simple pen that has the primary function: write on paper as a regular.

It may look just like a regular pen, but the badge has a puncture in it: the camera and the microphone. It has a high storage capacity and can record up to 20 hours of video on internal memory. The autonomy of it is 2 hours and the battery can be recharged from any USB socket or outlet via a charger that you get in the package delivered.

The movies are recorded with sound and the recordings can be played back on any ordinary computer. The pen can be used as a writing instrument and the records are downloaded to your computer/laptop via USB, which is actually embedded in a pen (watch the video 2). Also it is charging by USB connection.

The package includes a single cable that turns out the mini-USB. It is very easy to use, with minimal accessories and the autonomy of the battery is 2 hours. The maximum distance for record 15 m.

The package includes a pen of 4 GB, with the dimensions 640 x 480, it can record a maximum of 8-10 hours on the video (but not in continuous sequence). Some specifications are that the camera is color with the microphone and you can download the films that you recorded in the PC via USB socket. It has high resolution 640 x 480 and the video file size is about 300 KB per second. The battery is Lithium-Ion and you can load the USB plug from PC or outlet. It weights 30g and the USB included is 2.0. The package includes: pen camera and recorder, USB cable and charger socket.

I find this offer very attractive and useful for all of us, in any moment! The package includes many pieces apart from the pen and this fact should seriously be taken into account before buying something else!