Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad

Written by Scott Kelley on February 6, 2012. Posted in Gadget

When it is about browser password protection, there are no so many innovations as in web browsing. Taking in account that the Americans spend more than 8.5 billion dollars per year for identity theft, browser password protections becomes a must. Since we generally opt for easy-to-remember passwords, hackers can easily detect them. Now we can browse safer if we use Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad.

Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad is a free iPad app that uses a personalized unique touch pattern for each of your accounts. How does it work? Imagine that you create the most intricate secure password for the next time you log to your Gmail or your bank account. Now imagine that you don`t have to type anything. In order to create a Passtouch, you simply draw a continuous, free-form line over the interface.

Based on easy-to-remember colors and shapes, the graphical Passtouch interface is like a road map that guides you in the moment you have to sign in.

Developed by Passyouch Web Browser, Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad is an effective secure password manager, featuring great touch and drawing log in interface. With Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad, the two steps to sign in are to touch and draw. If you enjoy using this type of app and would like to find similar products, you can do so on specialized websites like which offer all the latest news and information in the mobile industry.