Parrot AR Drone 

Written by Scott Kelley on July 21, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Do you sit comfortable? Of course you do. No internet browsing standing – it is just as if you sneeze with your eyes open. However, if for some reason or another you are standing, sit for a few moments. We are about to show you a flying toy helicopter so cool that other remote control may sound like a paper airplane.

Four independently powered propellers, two cameras, carbon fiber casing and a number of other futuristic gadgets included Parrot AR Drone Helicopter is the most intuitive remote controlled flying machine that I have ever seen! And that’s not all; the best news is that it can be controlled completely from your iPhone.

IPhone helicopter control:.
Available in different color combinations: orange / yellow, orange / blue, orange / green.
Lean iPhone to control the helicopter movements.
It contains two video cameras that transmit live video images to your phone.
The application allows a virtual reality overlay over the video.
Create a WiFi network for rapid communication with the phone.
Cruise Control: allows automatic takeoff, soaring to 80 cm or another preset height and immediate immobilization device when no touch the screen phone.
Automatic Landing: command or at the end of the battery (after prior warning).
This product is recommended for persons aged over 14 or being supervision by an adult.

Furthermore details:

Range: 50 meters
Battery: 3 cells 11.1V 1000 mAh 14g 30W lithium polymer
Battery charging time: 60-90 minutes for full charge
Flight duration: up to 12 minutes
Engines: 4 x 15W powers capable of 4000 revolutions / minute
Altimeter: 40 kHz frequency emission (6m radius) allowing vertical stability
Accelerometer: sensors detect movement and speed 3-axis
Camcorder vertical: 64 degrees diagonal lens, high speed 60 frames per second for the horizontal stabilizer to 176 x 144 pixels in combination with the patented anti-vibration AR Drone

The packet comes with a helicopter, an Interior Fuselage, an Exterior Fuselage, a battery and with a charger.
Warning: The package contains no iPhone or iPod Touch.

Rotor diameter: 20 cm (4 screw)
The fuselage interior dimensions: 52.5 cm x 51.5 cm
Interior fuselage weight: 420 g
The fuselage exterior dimensions: 45 cm x 29 cm
Exterior fuselage weight: 380 g

Maneuvers-it directly from the iPhone / iPhone / iPod Touch!
Also being compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch freeware application allows you to view live images from cameras directly from the helicopter display’s phone / tablet. Off is done by simply pressing the ‘Take Off’ on the screen.