Winds – professional wine aerator

Written by admin on December 5, 2011. Posted in Gadget

We all like to taste once in a while a bottle of wine, but if we want to just enjoying the airing mere of a wine it will highlight the flavor of its own. It explains that the last glass of wine from the bottle has the best taste. Traditionally, the decanters were used for this, and contrary to the secular faith keeping a wine for a little while Live Journal does not allow a simple lack of decent aeration active surface.

Like and dislike stamps

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The anonymity of virtual space makes the things which we like or dislike being really important, especially when you click on the icons of Like or Dislike on Facebook. The problem is that you cannot “board” or “dislike” on Facebook in real life things, experiences and impressions daily.

MSN Missile Launcher with Webcam 2.0

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The 1.0 Version of the rocket launcher has already created an absurd hysteria with emotional shocks, and passing through the outstanding modernizations, it was born this model. The 1.0 version was launching rockets that were controlled only by mouse and keyboard and the second one got sounds to release, it has web-cam for a more precise focusing and it launches you in a dimension of the Internet without spacial limits, being integrated into the MSN network (Windows Live Messenger).

MiLi Powerspring iPhone 4 or 3G/3GS

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If you are looking for a Protective covers for the iPhone, Mili offers an exceptionally elegant and super clever which is a very practical accessory and a proven quality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the new Mili Powerspring iPhone 4 or 3G 3GS for a better and easier life.

LoungeBook Laptop Stand

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It is not unusual, although that is good and beautiful when we define the position of furniture. Using a laptop is really a mobile way of moving, not only when walking but also taking it to a convenient place such as your favorite chair, bed or who knows what other corner of the house. The objects do not define us; if something is mobile, well it has to be mobile! So it was created the LoungeBook!

Can crusher

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Did you know that a box of aluminum naturally disappears in 100 years? Did you know that recycling 1 kg of aluminum saves 8 kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 14 kwh of electricity? Recycling is one of the most simple (or not!) methods to protect the planet from pollution.

Voodoo stand

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When we first heard of this product, we automatically thought about all the little mischievous and related retaliation, but there is nothing supernatural about it.
In fact it is probably the most bizarre delight kitchen designed by man.

Power Plant Machine

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Say “Goodbye” to the pathetic and skinny ties of herbs in the store and say “Welcome” to the most simple and advanced breeder plants and spices in the world! No matter if you are the most unexperienced gardener on Earth, because the remarkable Machine Power Plant will do everything for you. Plants grow at least three times faster than put in ordinary land regardless of the season or light conditions and it is called Aeroponical cultivation.

Prepare your ball KIT

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We know you are tired of balls that you find anywhere to buy: those which you either do not like their color, or those which are too large or too small or have too trivial form. But you do not have to worry about this anymore. You only have to buy a “Prepare your ball” KIT and start doing everything as you like: you have three molds of different sizes and ten bags of grain that you could make from 5 to 10 ball models – depending on size. It is too easy to mistake something: you just need to mix the granules with water and pour in the prepared mold composition.

The beer machine

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he production of beer has a history of approx. 6000 years since the “factory” in Mezopo – Thames, once when he noted the beer recipes so they were placed near the Pharaohs in pyramids, the Chinese used it in religious rituals. The art of making beer appeared breweries, where the production of the beer by ancient recipes had a main character, a pub.

Bedlam crazy cube

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I started looking for a puzzle that met certain rules: to be fun to play but difficult to solve. Every new attempt is something totally different from the one before. What I wanted was a puzzle with the highest value of the game. This is what Bruce Bedlam said in 1982. Thus was born the luxurious Bedlam, a brilliant “game” for adults with 19,186 solutions.

Antworks ant habitat

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Ant Works concept is based on technology used by NASA to study animal behavior in space in zero gravity conditions. Why, you may be wondering. Well they had to do something while commuting in fantastic worlds. However, their loss is our gain, because they invented a translucent gel that serves ants life on Earth, or rather on the desk near the iPhone, laptop and all sorts of gadgets.

Iced cups

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Iced cups – The most phenomenal swing in the world! Perhaps this idea was also in the New Yorkers’ minds when they launched this product on market. The 100% ice cups are the perfect suite for a night of debauchery. Tequila, vodka or the favorite brandy, everything that you want or you like can be iced with this amazing product!

QED uPlay Bluetooth Receiver

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QED is a device connected to any hi-fi that has the power to synchronize up to 4 sources of music via Bluetooth – laptop, notebook, phone, Palm, iPod, etc…

Spa mini pool

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If you’ve always had a desire to lose hours in a personal jacuzzi, now the time has come! You can make it anytime, anywhere! Right! With the introduction of spa minipool, we didn’t reinvent the Spanish wax, but you have to admit there is something extraordinary about it. The mini pool is portable, it can be placed in the bathroom if there is enough space, on the terrace, in the courtyard, near the big pool and the list goes on