7Notes HD iPad App

Written by admin on February 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

A brilliant note taking app for iPad, 7Notes HD is all about handwriting recognition. 7Notes HD iPad App recognizes both your cursive words and individual letters written with your finger (stylus pen recommended) on your iPad 2. Highly sophisticated, 7Notes HD iPad App is based on a powerful predictive engine that makes possible the recognition […]

Crimson: Steam Pirates

Written by admin on February 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

In collaboration with Harebrained Schemes, the Halo Game creators release firs iPad app game – Crimson: Steam Pirates. This new turn-based strategy game combines the worlds of steampunk and pirate with the story of Thomas Blood, a steampunk pirate on the high seas. Crimson: Steam Pirates iPad app provides eight adventures of Thomas Blood for […]

Grow Your Garden HD

Written by admin on February 22, 2012. Posted in Gadget

If you are looking for an interactive manner to teach your children addition and subtraction, try the Grow Your Garden HD, a iPad app based on math learning for children while watering the garden. Currently, there are twelve levels of learning available for Grow Your Garden HD. This fun iPad app offers the little ones […]

Painting with Time App Released

Written by admin on February 15, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Painting with Time app for iPad is another brilliant app presented by Red Hill Studios, an award-winning Bay Area transmedia design company specialized in creating interactive games for health, online science apps and games, and immersive museum exhibitions. Unique and very entertaining, the Painting with Time app will make you see the world from other […]

Rhythm Studio App for iPad

Written by admin on February 7, 2012. Posted in Gadget

If you enjoy creating and recording your own music, then Rhythm Studio App for iPad is perfect for you. With a touch of your iPad, there you have a studio of classic synths and drum machines. Rhythm Studio app features wonderfully rendered synthesizers, a delight both for the eyes and the ears. Presented by PulseCode […]

Action Movie FX

Written by admin on February 6, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Get ready to enter the action and record your own action movie. For that, here you have the cool iPad 2 App Action Movie FX! The special effects of this great app allow you to create your own movie industry special effect directly from your iPad 2 camera. Extremely easy to use, the cool iPad […]

Jukka Askare Game for iPad

Written by admin on February 6, 2012. Posted in Gadget

There are a lot of great iPad apps for children, so there is no wonder why they are so fascinated about playing on your iPad tablet. Jukka Askare Game for iPad is based on a classic wooden toy game played by children from Finland for almost 85 years. Both attractive and interactive, Jukka Askare game […]

Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad

Written by admin on February 6, 2012. Posted in Gadget

When it is about browser password protection, there are no so many innovations as in web browsing. Taking in account that the Americans spend more than 8.5 billion dollars per year for identity theft, browser password protections becomes a must. Since we generally opt for easy-to-remember passwords, hackers can easily detect them. Now we can […]

Noisepad iPad App

Written by admin on February 2, 2012. Posted in Gadget

If you want to get everybody on their feet at the party, the Noisepad iPad App can be the perfect choice. This cool musician`s app for parties and live performances will surely make everybody move and feel the beat. Developed by iPhonik, a division of MedaGROE, the Noisepad iPad App is a drum computer featuring […]

iPhone , iPad Live Rider

Written by admin on January 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

IPhone Live Rider award-winning travel information sent directly to our iPhone / iPod could be mounted on our bike handle. This is an application. Where it gets interesting? Besides the fact that it keeps your speed, distance and route (GPS feature offers map, is in front of us and while cycling), we can see too how you progressed.

Pocket pedometer

Written by admin on January 17, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Perhaps you know that walking is healthy. Well, now you can do your walks while counting your steps. This is what pedometers do. Just wear it in your pocket, purse or hang it by the throat and this toy will include steps with great accuracy.

Wine cooler

Written by admin on January 13, 2012. Posted in Gadget

The gesture to always have a bottle of cold wine, at the perfect temperature is reserved for American super-organized brigade and huge refrigerators. For the rest of the world population had been invented this face shield invention, stylish and fast for all the situations when we need a glass of white wine, champagne or a refreshing “delicious” temperature.

Digital thermometer fork

Written by admin on January 10, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Right at the time we were thinking that a rudimentary device – such as a barbecue utensil – could not be real as a technical product, there soon appeared the digital thermometer fork. We all are aware of how uncomfortable it is and how much pressure you have to stand, in order to be chef at a simple grill: once you have burned the roast, your friends will start to complain incessantly.

Star tortoise

Written by admin on December 17, 2011. Posted in Gadget

The turtle and the solid house lights in different colors and designs in real colors the stellar space as if it were in front of your child. Composed of seven parts, the magical power plays with stars in the sky location. It is a stunning visual experience, soothing and educational. Magic, we prefer to say. It creates a light sleeping for your children, especially when you will tell them stories or explain about the dwarfs and stellar images.

Wattson – home energy monitoring

Written by admin on December 12, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Saving energy and saving the planet is favorable for all, as well as saving money, considered now international priorities.
For this purpose was invented Wattson, which monitors energy consumption of the house, displaying real-time number what is the total consumption.
Meanwhile, the wireless gadget will warn the colors, like blue means lower consumption and purple – normal energy consumption, red – extremely high consumption.