Operating a company from home. How to increase the amount of time spent with your family.

Written by Scott Kelley on May 3, 2017. Posted in Gadget


One of the biggest issues in our era is the limited amount of time both employees and employers find to spend with their families. In an era in which the weekly commute time reaches somewhere about ten hours, in a moderately busy city, it is difficult to find those daily hours to spend with your family. Also, considering the fact that most business fields require both parties to spend extra hours daily at the office for accomplishing goals and deadlines, this is a dead end situation. However, a recent trend has registered across the world, starting from a busy business hub, from Singapore, to be more specific, and it consists in having a virtual office address. A company worth noticing has maybe some of the best similar services in the field, and you can visit their website to get more data regarding these services. However, we have more details below for those interested in spending more time with their families.

Cut the commute time

The biggest issue many employers and employees face daily is the ridiculous amount of time spent daily in order to get ready for work and reach the office building. As we previously mentioned, this amount of time reaches up to 10 hours in a weeks’ interval. Time, which, many would rather spend with their families. Even preparing the children for school is something many parents are deprived of, and for which they hire nannies to manage. In an ideal world, this would not happen. And an ideal situation is the one in which the parent works from the comfort of their own homes, and get the chance of dealing with personal issues until the schedule begins.

Cheat time is easy to juggle with

We call it cheat time, because when having a virtual office, all parts involved have the chance of dealing with personal issues in the work schedule, and make up for the off time they took for themselves they took on that day. Of course, in many industries having a virtual office is not an option, but for many of the fields, this works wonders, and the employer get the chance of making their employees (and themselves) happier and more pleased with the quality of their lives. Being able to help the ones you care about the most when they need you most and not having to stick to a strict schedule has a great psychological impact.

Off days are less numerous

In a strong relationship with the previous argument is the number of off days one will take in the perspective of a virtual office. Most of the times, when an employee needs to juggle with personal issues, they are very likely to take a day (or more) off in order to have the issues solved. However, when working from a virtual office, this is not the case, the employee being able to manage the issue and make up later in the day for the time they took off.