Morph suit

Written by Scott Kelley on February 20, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Do you enjoy having a typical Friday night? No way! Remember the last time you laughed out loud when you have kissed more strangers at night or when you do not return home until the morning after a crazy night in the town. Now try to imagine some similar situations, but in a Morph suit. Do not you see it that everything seems different? 

Although it is such a simple outfit, it works like a magnet, attracting not only looks but also touches. Everybody wants to get their hands on you. Preferably not the officials, if you have exceeded this limit in order to disguise, you will feel like you are capable of anything: from dance, to climb to jump hurdles, do somersaults… What has in plus the morph suit? It does not need a special occasion to be worn. The morph suit provides freedom of movement. Being flexible, it fits perfectly on your body and allows any movements. You will feel no clothes, but you will be still dressed. It lasts more than a body painting and it is less painful than a tattoo. 

Tips & Tricks: To enhance the effect, it can be combined with accessories and other clothing items like a tie, sunglasses, shorts, hat … just let your imagination flow. You will be amazed by your own!

It is a one piece suit made of lycra, with a zipper in the back. The person who is wearing the suit can see through the outfit, but he can not be seen. If you are wearing the fabric costume you can drink. It is recommend to wear a pair of shoes and to not smoke.

The large size is for people with a height between 162 and 178 cm; the extra large one is for people with a height between 178 and 191 cm. You can choose it from three colors: red, black and blue.  
With the zipper in the back, these costumes are sufficiently thin that one who wears it can see through it or even drink. Very practical, huh? It can be used at parties, nightclubs, in a marathon at weddings (why not?) or simply at the office on a Tuesday. In fewer words, you can attract the attention anywhere you go. 

Let’s face it, is the most useful piece in your wardrobe, but you will have such a guaranteed fun … completely anonymous! Comprende Amigos?