Modern Gadgets That Revolutionize Home Healthcare

Written by Scott Kelley on October 11, 2017. Posted in Gadget

Many people are forced to fend for themselves at home either due to overcrowding in hospitals or because their illness is long-term and hospitalization throughout the entire time would be impossible. Cancer patients or immune-depressed patients require special care and health conditions that will encourage their healing process. Therefore, one’s home must become a perfectly safe environment free of germs and bacteria that could threaten the proper development of their medication. Luckily, nowadays technology provides various modern gadgets that can make home healthcare more tangible.

Air purifier

In a house, the air quality is the most important aspects when it comes to maintaining a healthy living environment. Given how many impurities and allergens wander around in the air, no wonder the air purifier has shown an increase in popularity. Modern air purifiers equipped with sensors and UV lights can kill almost 100% of the pollutants in the air by simply passing the air through high-end filters.


Cleaning the dishes using a dishwasher is a safer and least hassle method of providing a clean environment in the kitchen. Moreover, a dishwasher with a sanitizing feature is of great help for those who must eliminate germs from their lives. It can also be used to disinfect other items aside from plates and glasses, provided that the objects are dishwasher safe.

Robot vacuum

Home cleaning can be hard to perform by people with a poor health condition, which is why technology has been used to develop the robot vacuum that makes floor cleaning a breeze. This gadget uses a navigation system that moves it around the house without any human assistance. It can reach even the tightest areas and it retains dust mites and debris as small as a few microns, being more effective than a regular vacuum.

Steam mop

It’s essential to maintain a clean home for those who benefit from home health treatments. The majority of the germs and bacteria can be found on the floor and simply vacuuming will not destroy health-threatening impurities. A steam mop uses high-power steam that disinfects the floors and manages to kill even the most resistant viruses. It can also be used on fabrics like upholstery, carpets, or drapery as the steam also penetrates fibers.

Disinfecting wand

There are many items that also need to be disinfected like keyboards, remote controls, doorknobs, counters, bathroom fixtures, or other objects. The sanitizing wand uses a UV-C light that eliminates bacteria without the use of chemicals. It can be used on hard surfaces and it will remove impurities and odors that can make the house a less safe environment for ill people.

Security cameras

Home surveillance systems aren’t only designed for observing the house’s surroundings but can also become an aid in taking care of people at home. People with mobility issues or elders who need to be constantly monitored by relatives can benefit from the modern indoor security systems. A camera can be installed in each room and the images can be viewed in real time by a family member so that they can detect an emergency situation and act accordingly.

Home automation

No doubt about it, the home automation concept can revolutionize home healthcare by providing self-fending means for people with limited mobility. Various home systems can be connected to a central command device that can access and control items like appliances, electronics, door opening systems, lights, heating and cooling systems, and even hazard detectors. Each of the systems connected can be later accessed remotely so that the user will not have to make an effort to get out of bed or walk distances around the house.