Mini Projectors are Good or Bad – What to Look for

Written by Scott Kelley on June 7, 2017. Posted in Gadget

Whenever you want to enjoy a movie on a bigger scale or make a presentation at the office, a projector is what you need to use. Mini projectors are helpful thanks to the compact size that makes them very easy to move and install. However, there is the concern that this type is not as good as the full-size type due to the lack of some features. To determine whether or not compact projectors are worth investing in, we made a comparison of the two types.

Mini and Full Size Projectors Comparison

When comparing the two types, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you determine just how good or bad small versions are. A superficial analysis without entering the technical details of each brand or model has revealed that both types offer both advantages and disadvantages, as you will see.

Benefits of Mini Projectors

    • Small size

As you can tell by the name, the biggest advantage they bring is a small size that makes them easily portable. Most models weigh less than one pound so they can be easily carried in a pocket or a small bag. This is great for when you can’t carry too much luggage and you must take it with you. It’s also very convenient to use at home if you don’t have too much space and you are not a fan of large electronics.

    • Rechargeable battery

Another great thing about the compact projectors is the rechargeable battery they come with that takes away the hassle of worrying about a power source or an extension cord. This way, you can use them when traveling, at work, and basically, anywhere you like even if you don’t have electricity at hand.

    • Low price

High-end models can reach prices of $500 but you can get great projectors for $300 or $400, which is only a fraction of the price of regular size units. The lifespan of the lamp is also impressive, with a 30,000-hours limit that makes them very cost-effective considering that replacing the lamp is quite expensive.


    • Poorer quality image

One of the things you might not like about the portable projectors is that due to lack of space for all the components, they might not create that bright image you see in full-size units. To make up for this drawback, you must use it in a dark room that helps the image become clearer so it’s a device more suitable for conferences and work presentations.

Benefits of Full-size Projectors

    • High quality image

Nonetheless, the main reason why people opt for a full-size model is the impeccable image they deliver. With features like brightness, contrast ratio, and resolution, the image displayed is crystal clear even at longer distances. Regardless the light in the room, they will manage to display perfect videos or images so you can use them anywhere.

    • Diversity

There are more models and brands to choose from when it comes to large units, compared to the mini ones. You can choose either an LCD, DLP, or LCoS. With the abundance of models and styles, it’s impossible not to find the one you need.


    • Bulky size

For starters, these devices are less convenient to use due to the large size that makes them hard to carry or move. It’s very hard to pack and take it with you when you travel or take it to work for presentations all the time because it includes a lot of components. Given that the average weight is somewhere between 16 and 25 pounds, you wouldn’t like to carry one around.

    • High costs

Another downside is the price that can reach thousands of dollars. While average units cost around $1,000, you can find high-end devices that require you to take out of the pocket even $3,000. The maintenance costs are also higher because you will have more components to replace or repair.


Mini projectors are not bad as long as you don’t expect them to function like a regular size one. They can be extremely useful when traveling and they can show very clear images but the quality is not as impressive. If you are on a tight budget, it’s the perfect choice for you because the costs don’t reach the half of the costs of full-size devices. Also, they are great for occasional use because they can be easily transported and installed in any place even without a power source.