MiLi Powerspring iPhone 4 or 3G/3GS

Written by Scott Kelley on November 11, 2011. Posted in Gadget

IPhone is a new dimension, is a gizmo that has a phone function. IPhone is cool. End. Unfortunately all applications, paralyzes ingenious battery, and those who worship at the altar of technology, elegant, not compromising with many chargers everywhere .No, no! 

The continued success in evolution is that we need to capitalize on technology support and CEEC is the solution here is in the form of protective accessories super fine with a battery built – here is Power spring iPhone 4, a rechargeable battery (via USB) hidden in a protective case and provides 2 times the battery power built into iPhone 4/3G/3GS. Yes, 2x, ie a standby time of 360 hours.
Go on and make it, do not fake it.


Super-resistant plastic, black piano; the protective case has a built-in battery backup directly.
Give it a boost of 2x, which is a standby time of 360 hours.
Consider it as being a “suit” of energy for the famous gizmo that already accompanies us in every stage of life.
1600mAh battery

Input: DC5V/500mA
Charging time: 4 hours.
It is up to 360 hours standby power; its continuous talk time: 6 hours.
While browsing the WWW: it is up to 6 hours on 3G or Wi-Fi 10.6 hours.
Audio play: up to 26 hours.
play video: up to 8 hours.
approximate size: 12.4cm x 6.5cm x 1.8cm
2 models: iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3Gs (select up to products).


Loading via USB (or network transformer). It is a very ingenious fact that once your bag slip in with charger iPhone4, the first consumes the “cover” so the phone battery remains intact.
LED always indicates the level of energy.

On the other hand, while you charge your phone, it automatically loads and battery pouch too – so it loads two batteries.

If you are looking for a Protective covers for the iPhone, Mili offers an exceptionally elegant and super clever which is a very practical accessory and a proven quality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the new Mili Powerspring iPhone 4 or 3G 3GS for a better and easier life. In fact, this is its point – to make you have a good and relaxed day even if it used to be a busy and exhausted one. Try it and see if it helps you – we assure you it does. You are going to love it!