Mathmos Thaw

Written by Scott Kelley on July 27, 2011. Posted in Gadget

We all like and we all live in one way or another, even if we do climbing, parachute jumping or even riding 200 horsepower. Auccch!

And where it meets the extreme?! Moments when there are fighting two major forces, moments when we are stunned and amazed with trembling body.
In these times we increase to a maximum voltage, pulsating life and jump wonders such as geysers and rainbows.

Have you ever eat fruit cake made from cream cheese, salt, where tastes are a tension which feels great? We recommend you to try!

Or Music: quiet vs. “Noise.” From where to where? I invite you to listen to a song from the album Erik Truffaz In Between.

We aim you to discover and live the extreme! To run in the rain!
And now let’s see if you dare to give fire to ice!
A quiet evening, romantic … hm! Very nice, but it’s time to enter the game with fire and ice!
Bring a meal or glass of wine served with an extra thrill with candle dressed in glittering ice, which melts slowly as the evening progresses! It is incredibly fascinating to illuminate your license!

It is a support for tea candles, a large object, approximately to 22 cm.
The support is stainless steel and silicone mold.
Dimensions: Support – 12cm x 12cm, with about mold 22 cm.
Diameter: approx. 12 cm.
Total height: approx. 22 cm.
Requires candle tea with water which are not included but are found in abundance in stores.

How to:

Fill the silicone mold with water and put it in the freezer.
Put a candle in support over the coming ice collar.
Ice melts at approx. 3 hours, and the droplets gather in support. Great, right?

This fascinating way of impressing your guests will captivate all the eyes and will change their mood if they are having a bad day. Mathmos Thaw has both a calming effect and an elegant appearance which will make your home a wanted one, as many of us want to have.

All your guests and relatives will be grateful for your way of spending money and maybe will buy each one a Mathmos Thaw, who knows … we are telling you this because if they get one of this products that means you are a point of inspiration for them, which in our opinion and in the psychologists way of thinking is more than perfect for a good and healthy life. So go ahead, try it!