LoungeBook Laptop Stand

Written by Scott Kelley on November 7, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Some years ago we were given the mobile PC, that laptop which we had enjoyed up to ecstasy. And now it seems like the norm, but it still left us to use it for work or just for having fun placed on a table, a desk … It is not unusual, although that is good and beautiful when we define the position of furniture. Using a laptop is really a mobile way of moving, not only when walking but also taking it to a convenient place such as your favorite chair, bed or who knows what other corner of the house. The objects do not define us; if something is mobile, well it has to be mobile! So it was created the LoungeBook! Think of it because as a lounge-book it can be used for pool house, bedroom or on the porch, at a barbeque or longer holidays. For professionals and freelancers, to lazy or fans of the Internet, this lounge-book is a very comfortable and ergonomic solution!

Solutions became surprisingly simple! The Lounge-book is symmetrical, so you can use it on the left and on the right. You can adjust the height and you can adapt to any position. The support ventilation holes will help to cool your laptop. Micro-table book lounge is ideal for using an external mouse. You can put your cell phone there or a cold drink.
The feet at the base of support have only 3 cm, so you can position it wherever you need it.


Full Model Black, White or Silicon Full: height 57-75 cm, suitable for any laptop / notebook.
It has a stand mouse. All accessories are included.
The package includes silicone pads for maximum stability.

The new invention, designed for your comfort is more than an accessory. It is an elegant piece of industrial art, which will fit in your living room or bedroom with ease. It is really uncomfortable using a laptop in bed. The lounge-book is an extremely adaptable support for your requirements.


You can position the laptop or your book to the height you want, as convenient. Whether you work or just have fun sitting on the porch, or terrace, Lounge-book will help you always have an ergonomics posture.

Internet browsing, games and socializing you can do now on their favorite couch.
Putting it up to 35 degrees allows adjustment of support for the use of laptop in horizontal position, and also ensures optimal air flow ventilation vents of the laptop, preventing its heat.