Keyring Mini Buoys WaterBuoy

Written by Scott Kelley on July 22, 2011. Posted in Gadget

What a great pleasure to wallow in the water, but when you drop the keys or other valuables in the water, you perished mood. Once submerged, you can hardly recover them.

It contains a high strength rubber balloon that can rise to the surface up to 1 kg weight; the process is ready automatically in a few seconds after the contact with water. Also, with the high intensity LED built-in mini-beacon will be visible from 250 m at night, at least 24 hours. You will be able to float and saw the keys to recover with ease. Being a swimmer, surfer or sailor, you can choose to ignore this little gadget, but we think it sends a team of divers to recover the valuables – is pretty fancy … even when you own a yacht that would make Shaving even a Roman Abramovich.

Although we cannot compare with Pamela Anderson in Baywatch bikini, this little lifeguard is one of the most ingenious products and you will be as grateful as the blonde diva.
So put yourself on the job and order now to get rid of another care!

This product is recommended and those who bound for Bermuda and can be obtained without a prescription.

It is visible at night from distances over 250 m. Keeps up to 1 kg weight on the surface, time in which it activates in seconds for floating up to 24 hours. The balloon has incorporated LED that lights at night with a visibility approximately to 250 m.

: It is disposable. This product is not a toy. Keep it away from children because of small parts and the possible activation. Do not use the seat as for people or for animals. Do not swallow it. The float time can be reduced for heavier items. The mini-beacon is activated by any liquid it is submerged. 

Take precautions to avoid accidental activation. Its dimensions are:
Beacon – about 7.5 cm x 2.8 cm x 1.8 cm
Box – approximately 11cm x 16cm x 2cm

If you lose your keys in the water … the ball reacts and automatically inflate, rising to the surface. Your tag will float and will flash for at least 24 hours.
Despite the small size (pocket) the mini-tag is able to maintain the surface up to 1 kg weight for 24 hours. So heavy is ideal for keys, tools, fishing gear, GPS systems, cameras and phones. For the more creative you can even use it to keep beer cold. Very clever, huh?