Key detector

Written by Scott Kelley on August 2, 2011. Posted in Gadget

It probably happened to you a several times: when you hurry to go to work, but you cannot find the car keys. Do not get angry for nothing – better buy a detector key! Attach one of the four radio receivers like a key ring or adhesive tape to the object you want to find. When you press the button on the remote it starts to emit very strong signals (80 decibels) that will guide you. You should not whistle, fight their hands or sing! Its range is about 30 meters, enough so you can find your keys forgotten in the house, yard or on the football field. 

Each of the four receivers has its own color and a corresponding button fixed on the remote. To avoid losing the remote somewhat the package comes with a suction cup hook with which you can catch it in a conspicuous place known around the world such as the refrigerator. 

*The package contains 4 audio transmitters that can be attached to the key ring or to a double-sided tape. 
*It works only with the remote control; there is no need to whistle or clap beat. 
*The sound receiver is strong – up to 80 decibels. 
*The range has about 30 meters. 
*The package comes with the batteries which obviously are included.
*The keychain size is about 3 x 3 x 0.6 cm. 

The key detector is ideal both for busy and relaxed people. Why? Well, after psychologist’s studies it is demonstrated that both of the genres do not give such attention to little objects. Even if you are home or at job you may lose your keys. How? When you are coming back from your job and you are obviously exhausted, you may wake up next morning and realize that you forgot where you have put your car keys, or even worse – your house keys.

Just think about how you will bring them back to you in a minute or two! There is no chance, especially when they are upon your bed, in the backyard or even in the refrigerator! Haha, I know how it sounds, but think how easy it is to find your keys in a second, with the new key detector! You will never have to mess your home when finding them. As we all know, time is money, so why do we have to spend it so easily?