iPhone , iPad Live Rider

Written by Scott Kelley on January 24, 2012. Posted in Gadget

We are truly IPhans! All we do, we do with the iPhone, even jogging or cycling. But with love how do you stay with? haha! Why not take advantage of the opportunity to make cycling even more interactive by asking our friend but wait, I lost it? Of course we are talking about cycling! Think about the information that we have on hand in a gym super-high-tech, but when we are on two wheels in the open and the only motivation is admiring female students who do not run, there is room for a new gizmo device.

IPhone Live Rider award-winning travel information sent directly to our iPhone / iPod could be mounted on our bike handle. This is an application. Where it gets interesting? Besides the fact that it keeps your speed, distance and route (GPS feature offers map, is in front of us and while cycling), we can see too how you progressed. It calculates the calories burned. Wow. And we can improve our personal record! By the way, you can say the magic function that shows the speed at every cycling. Think about a true bicycle speedometer just for us. Yes, we have enough applications, but here is the important mechanism for mounting on a bicycle, which sees everything in real time, hands free, as in the car. Now looking for a great deal! Come on!


Complete system mounted handlebars.
LiveRider 2.4GHz wireless receiver.
It has sensors and magnets for wheels and pedals.
Sensor / Transmitter 2.4GHz wireless universal.
One dual-mode sensor unit measures both speed and cadence pedal.
2.4GHz technology provides reliable operation without the hassle of cables.
The perfect grip protects your iPhone or iPod touch software.
All data captured in real time can be analyzed later.
The need: min. OS version 3.0 on Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.
Compatibility: iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod Touch Generation 1.2

You just have to attach it on the bike, fixed the magnets and the sensor. There are other apps or gadgets which can serve to help us during exercise, to monitor heart rate and other vital signs, and you can find out more about them on websites like AgeOfInnovation.Org, complete with reviews that tell you all about their utility and quality. Coming back to our subject, the wireless sensor that needs to be attached near the rear wheel speed and cadence calculated pedals, dedicated to providing application data (can be downloaded free from iTunes) – it displays information in real time. So what do you think of it? Go ahead and take a godlike ride with your safety iPhone on your bike. Who would resist this temptation? Ha ha, I know I did not.