Iced cups

Written by Scott Kelley on October 17, 2011. Posted in Gadget

Iced cups – The most phenomenal swing in the world! Perhaps this idea was also in the New Yorkers’ minds when they launched this product on market. The 100% ice cups are the perfect suite for a night of debauchery. Tequila, vodka or the favorite brandy, everything that you want or you like can be iced with this amazing product!

Cheers! It is an added plus to every restaurant or bar-club-pub. Special guests will run out of words! Honestly, they are simply excellent!

Suitable to freeze any liquid (except alcohol) and juices like to have colored glasses. You can even make chocolate swings. The freezing time is 3-6 hours, depending on the freezer. It is as simple as preparing ice cubes.

The shape is soft silicone (not plastic – I had the model tray + 12 plastic cups, but it proves to be quite problematic when you remove them, because – and + breaks almost and all the ice was much thinner than in the present).

This can be used with cold or hot substances (like melted chocolate  for Baileys). Also, the
glasses can be kept in the freezer – in case you need to know more. The form can be washed in the dishwasher.

The device contains a form of silicon for 4 cups of ice. And the form is reusable n + times. The shape is not rigid, it is a thick and soft silicon – helps a lot when removing cups shape. The withstand temperatures are between 25C ° to 230C °.

The ice cube is approx. 5-7 mm and the product is intended for adults, as it involves alcohol consumption. The dimensions are 5.5 cm x 5 cm and the content of fluid is 35-40 ml interior.

You have to buy such a device, particularly if you would like to make your guests feel special! It’s something that very few people know about and you will be a model for the others and a modern person that is connected to the technology! You will not be disappointed by such a device, as it is impossible for it to break and the effects are just amazing! Drink ice alcohol and you will get a double feeling! You will not only feel the freezing effect, but also your soul and body will get a different mood! Try it as soon as possible and you will understand what I say!