How can we control the Internet?

Written by Scott Kelley on May 4, 2012. Posted in Gadget

There was a saying that went “Money makes the world go round”, but today we might as well change money with the Internet. We have reached a level where it has become practically impossible to function without having access to the Internet and it has gone from job related tasks, such as emails or getting access to news and general information to personal issues, as people have started to research one another online before interviews, meetings, dates and so on. So, in this accelerated and dynamic online environment, where information travels so fast and apparently chaotic, how can we control the Internet? Well, we can’t! But seems to think that we can control what the Internet says about us! Founded by Michael Fertik and Owen Tripp, the website is an online management company that helps user manage…their reputations online!

If you take into account that, every time you access a web page on any kind of website, it keeps your personal information and private data, not to mention the multitude of industries that have been actually built on the accumulation of data, from social networks to search engines, the idea of a website like that can help you control what gets out there and what doesn’t looks pretty appealing, but very courageous as well. The website aims at giving people back control over their online presence, handling issues like online privacy and third party access to personal information, which means that you can choose which websites can use your data or you can block others from tracking you, but it works in the opposite sense too. For instance if you want to boost your exposure online, can help you do that also, making your profile look more professional or hiding the unwanted links.

The website has a very impressing performance, making use of high class specialists in a variety of domains, such as law, economy and even physics, and of an award winning customer service team, providing clients with the highest standard of service. The website has also been awarded for the innovative technology that it advances, making use of powerful ORM tools, created from years of cutting-edge research and development. However, the website’s interface is user friendly and it makes it very easy for you to know your way around and check out the products and services offered. services clients from over 100 countries, so it has known quite an impressive growth, permanently striving to help people maintain a positive online presence and try to reduce or even eliminate any negative reputation or misuse of private data and personal information. Maybe we can not control the Internet, but at least you can try to take back control over how we appear on the Internet, who uses our information and to what purpose or even what information we agree to be used or not. has come with an commendable idea which will appeal to a large audience of both people and businesses for certain.