Health Tracking Devices that Tech Geeks Must Get Their Hands On

Written by Silvester Robbins on January 8, 2018. Posted in Gadget

If you’re an ultimate health geek like the most of us, this article is suitable for you. Nowadays, we live in a technology-based world and we need them in order to live the most comfortable life possible. The Health Tech industry is currently one of the fastest growing industry. People are now more concerned about their health than ever before. We need the latest innovative gadgets to help us achieve our desired goals. It’s actually really cool being the first person in the office with the latest health tracking devices.

Gadgets including apps

  • Skulpt Aim

    This device is revolutionary in the Health industry. The gadget is made out of two parts: the scanner which you place on whatever part of your body you want and the app which analyzes in-depth your muscle mass and body fat percentage. The Skulpt Scanner is a portable gadget that measures the local fat of wherever you place it on your body. This means that you will be able to see the muscle group which needs some more work. You will also save a lot of time at the gym because you will be able to work on one certain muscle group instead of your whole body. The app is able to quickly analyze the results and give you workout guidance on how to work out the specific muscle.

  • SmartMat Yoga Mat

    If you enjoy yoga but do not like to go to yoga classes because they can be quite intimidating, then this innovative yoga mat is the right gadget for you. The physical gadget is made up of sensors to guide you in the perfect yoga position. The perfect pose will be achieved through personalized advice on breathing, muscle balance and your engagement with the pose. The app is set up for your needs because it’s connected to your yoga mat. It will show you how many calories you’ve burnt, you will get a score on your performance every time you use it and it will guide you with pictures on how to do the exercises the next time you use it. The gadget is popular with the “yogis” because it’s like having your own personal yoga instructor with you at all times.

Devices without apps

  • Body Fat Scales

    If you aren’t a big fan of phone apps or you are purchasing for someone that hasn’t got a smartphone, then this is the perfect gadget for you. Some scales offer you the latest technology without being too difficult to use. All you have to do is to step on the scale and the gadget will do its job. The scale uses bioelectrical impedance which means that it sends electrons through your legs and pelvis (you won’t feel anything) and it accurately analyzes your body fat. This is because muscles conduct electricity whereas fat doesn’t. The more resistant your body is, the more fat you have. The gadget is great because it’s not as expensive as the other ones and it’s straightforward to read.

  • Fitbit Watches

    A tracking bracelet can be fashionable and practical. They are useful if you want to follow your sleep pattern, count your steps per day and your heart rate. The majority of the watches come in different colors or style. They are designed for individual tastes but they do the same job. If you have an elderly person in your family and you want to offer them something useful to keep them on a healthy track, you should purchase this gadget.

Food trackers

  • Smart Food Scale

    Tracking your muscle mass, body fat and the amount you exercise per day is only half of the job. You also have to track the way you eat so you can maintain your healthy life. The smart scale measures the calories and nutritious value as you cook your food. It has an app which allows you to track your meal plan over a period of time. It’s important that you have one of these in your home because you work with what food you put in your body.