Grow Your Garden HD

Written by Scott Kelley on February 22, 2012. Posted in Gadget

If you are looking for an interactive manner to teach your children addition and subtraction, try the Grow Your Garden HD, a iPad app based on math learning for children while watering the garden.

Currently, there are twelve levels of learning available for Grow Your Garden HD. This fun iPad app offers the little ones child-friendly tutorials which shows them how to water the plants and how to refill the water cans when needed.

In order to grow, each flower seed that is planted in the pot requires a certain number of water drops. The difficulty of this educative game iPad app increases when the numbers don`t match exactly.

Even if there are only three stages and 12 levels, children can play a total of 36 games so that they complete the garden. The child has to use logic child and problem solving in order to advance to the next level. So that the exact amount of water to be achieved, solutions request transporting water back and forth between the cans. Sometimes, there are cans that already have water in them or there is a water can that does not require to be used.

Still, there is tiny concern for the Grow Your Garden HD iPad app. If it is over watered, the flower dies and a gravestone engraved with R.I.P appears. Some parents may find this aspect offensive, but death is a normal part of the human experience and children are exposed to similar content on children`s television.

The Grow Your Garden HD is available on the app store for $1.99.