Google Catalogs

Written by Scott Kelley on March 27, 2012. Posted in Gadget

Google released a new iPad app – Google Catalogs. What is great about this new app for your iPad tablet is that it allows you to swipe through your favorite catalogs in a digital format.

With Google Catalogs, you can forget about catalogs scattered all over the place, as you can keep them all in this useful iPad app. Expanding their search presence and extending it on the most popular new search platform, mobile devices, Google proves once again its innovation. In addition, this new iPad app can be used as a very interesting manner to offer local special offers.

Featuring zoom capabilities, Google Catalogs for iPad devices gives you the possibility to view and create personal photo albums, as well as search for catalogues products available at local vendors (a WiFi connection is required for this). By launching Google Catalogs, Google seams to make a smart move that will become extremely popular among iPad 2 users.

Google Catalogs is available for free on the app store. Unfortunately, this iPad app is currently unavailable on the Android OS.