GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad

Written by Scott Kelley on October 30, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Intrigued by the wild success of Angry Birds app, developer Swift Development created GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad, a uniquely designed game that will surely catch your attention.

The concept of GMO Busters HD is just as captivating as the one of Angry Birds, but it comes with deeper meaning and organic message attached to it, as the main idea of this iPad app is to smash and obliterate Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GMO crops are a very controversial subject all around the world, while the U.S. opposition to this kind of food has been really strong in the past.

By using GMO Busters HD iPad app you can become an active member in banning GMO`s, as you can cut, toss and Ninja slice the genetically modified tomatoes in the game. In this iPad app, the BIG tomatoes are the good guys who must fight against the GMO tomatoes. The purpose of this game is to destroy the GMO tomatoes in order to protect mother earth.

GMO Busters HD iPad app features pleasant background game music, fun gameplay, as well as high quality graphics and art work. This iPad app is available for free in the app store, but you can buy more in-app packages so you can get more than 100 additional levels to play. These additional packages for GMO Busters HD cost $1.99.