Gadgets and Devices that can Make Life Easier for Elderly People

Written by Aiden Bradley on July 10, 2014. Posted in Gadget

Elderly people tend to need more attention and special care since with age they start losing their abilities. In order to make their lives easier and assure their safety, you can call for the help of several devices and gadgets that will help them move and fend for themselves.

Mobile phones

The need for communication is essential for everyone, especially seniors who live alone and want to communicate with their families. Old people need cheap mobile phones with wide screen, big keys and an easy to access menu. Complicated smart with digital screen and multiple applications can turn out to be useless for old people who just need their phones to talk to someone, therefore, a simple and easy to maneuver mobile phone with a speed dial feature is all seniors need.

Balance shoes

A significant part of the seniors’ health problems are caused by tripping and falling given that many elders lose their balance and fall, thus causing serious injuries and even death. Although crutches and other items can help them move in safe conditions, many old people refuse to use them to avoid feeling incapacitated and helpless. This problem can be solved with the help of an ingenious pair of shoes called B-Shoes, that use quite simple technological elements and some motors integrated in the sole, thus providing the user with remarkable balance precision. Basically, these shoes continuously monitor the center of gravity and if it suddenly changes, the shoe moves in the same direction to compensate for the change in real time.

Mobility scooters

For elders who have difficulties in moving and walking, the mobility scooter can become a great support. This ingenious machine transports people from one place to another without pain and allows elders and disabled people to perform normal activities that would have been impossible before, such as going to the store or visiting a friend. The mobility scooter is more efficient and easy to maneuver than regular wheelchairs, it can have three or four wheels, it is easily handled by a steering wheel or a joystick, can be folded to fit the car trunk in case of traveling and is very comfortable and safe to use. Since there are numerous scooter models on the market, it is always wise to read some reviews before investing in a particular model. We advise you to visit On this website, you will find concise reviews of the best and most affordable mobility scooters available at the present time.


Another great device for seniors is the stair lift, which is a chair or a platform that you install on the stair rail and so elders can go up and down the stairs without pain and effort. The machine has seat belts for safety and can be easily operated with the help of a button panel, so the risk of accidents and injuries while climbing stairs is significantly reduced.