Four Leaf Clover

Written by Scott Kelley on June 7, 2013. Posted in Gadget

Clovers occasionally have four leaves instead of three. These four sheets clovers, and other rarities, are considered as being lucky. Clover can have five, six or more leaflets, but these cases are rarer. The world record according to Guinness, is 18.

Even though now we meet more in the form of Marti’s, whenever we are in a field we start looking for a four-leaf clover; we seek fortune, for it is said to bring good luck.

Signs of superstitions, explanations, power, self-suggestion….
Now it is the chimney sweep. The figure of it is associated with good, because if, before the houses were not well cleaned cans were starting to fire. So if you came out a chimney sweep in the way, means you are protected from bad luck. And now they say that if someone leaves you filled in the road, you have a plentiful year, and if you see a white horse, or a bride, you’ll get lucky. Four-leaf clover brings luck, precisely because, as its name says, clover should have three sheets. Get rid beaten wood, also unlucky.

The package includes compressed compost, terracotta pot, especially clover bulb and completes instructions. Its sizes are: 9.5 x 6 x 6 cm while the plant size depends on how green are your fingers.

You need from time to time luck? Do you know someone who could use some support? Then you should build a four-leaf clover, and perhaps you may find the power to make your luck and move forward with confidence and positive power. Increase your lucky clover, and perhaps you will find luck.

All you have to do is to add some water to compost in the pot of flowers, plant seeds and let yourself be amazed by nature. Maybe your luck is in front of you already!
Four Leaf Clover should be placed in a cold window, and then in a sunny spot.

For success, the plant should be watered regularly (detailed instructions are included).

The package includes compressed compost, terracotta pot, especially clover bulb and completes instructions for any question you have. Why wait for luck to pick you? It is way better for you to pick it, do not you think? It is the easier way to have a lucky life and a good karma too. Recent studies discovered that a piece considered as being lucky bring to you and to your friends a smile on every single day with a four leaf clover in your house.