Flitter fairies

Written by Scott Kelley on July 30, 2011. Posted in Gadget

There is a magical place, full of mystery, a world where wishes come true, where there is no time limits and old age, a world about which we heard only in our childhood. This is fairyland, visible to children and adults who haven’t forgotten to dream and have never ceased to believe in magic. Fairies bewitch us with their grace and beauty, the mystery that hovers around them when they flap their wings and shiny little. 

Daria, Alex and Eva are the magic creatures that protect our world. They are elegantly floating in the air, smiling and making little spells, causing flash and dedication in their precious gift: magic protection. Once that friendship is born between Master and Zana, they will be forever bound to each other by The Magic Silk thread and the desires of Master will be fulfilled with only one Clint of the magic wand. Handled with tenderness and love, the fairies will kidnap their enchanted world, revealing secrets and charming our fantasy. It is a world of mirage, an illusion, a world that exists only if we continue to believe in it.

Properties: You can choose from three different fairies: Eva, Daria and Alex. Each package includes: magic clip, 8 “invisible” silk thread, a fairy, a magic wand and a story booklet. Each fairy has three states: sleeping, it is awake when it flutters its wing in a brilliant manner (for it requires 2 x AG5 – included) and at the order of the Master, it floats in the air dancing.

The flight of the fairies is fascinating for any age, but we recommend that the Lord will be over the age of 8.

Please do not leave young children unsupervised with our fairies. The rod length is 22 cm and the sizes of the fairies are 12 x 6 x 2 cm. The length of the “invisible” wires is approx. 55 cm.

For use you have the three fairies: Daria, Alex and Eve – they fly to the commands of the magic wands. How does the spell work? First we need a Master at that magic wand handle. He knows the glory of silk fibers invisible.

At the request of small children or only at their smiles, the fairies wake up and the Master can start to order their magic flight.

Let the magic wand guide you, invite the fairies to dance, create idyllic stories, kidnap their imagination in the brilliant and mysterious world of the fairies.

Warning! Do not forget, the magic happens only if we believe in it!